Amanda + Emily | Yoga at Jericho

There are days when everything lines up perfectly. The sun is at the perfect height, the greens are the creamy hues that dreams are made of, the temperature feel just right, and your subjects are as bright and airy as the images you wish to create. This is what transpired on the day I got to photography Amanda and Emily.

We met up at Jericho beach on the perfect day to capture both of them doing what they love to do - yoga! Despite my lack of knowledge of the names of the poses, they rocked it out and I was left with a gorgeous set of a couple of absolute stunnas! Check out the set below - it’s truly one of my faves of the summer!

072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-7 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-34 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-19 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-22 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-45 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-58 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-65 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-81 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-100 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-102 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-143 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-161 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-167 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-228 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-183 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-192 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-175 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-200 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-205 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-213 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-218 copy.jpg

Both of these yogis have incredible instagrams filled with all that health inspo you need to keep moving. Check them out now!

Amanda Webb
@amandajanewebb @siyaflo

Emily Lee
@emmilylee @consciouscookieco