The best way to know if I had a good time is the amount of photos I have at the end of it all.This year, I was treated to the best birthday month of my life. You can tell because I don't have a lot of photos to prove it. It all started with a surprise girls day complete with mimosas, manicures, and one of the best brunches of my life at Chambar. These two ladies knew me well as they kept it low key and picked an activity where we could really spend time together. Conversations with these girls go from the depths of our hearts to the burning questions like: Should we go to Nordstrom today? They went above and beyond, not only with their thoughtful presents but the time we spent together, because as corny as it sounds, it's all I wanted.

That evening, I was surrounded by everyone I loved. Recently, I've been thinking a lot about how it is silly that only at one's wedding do you really get a chance to have everyone you love in one room. Why? So, for my 25th birthday, I invited everyone in my life (who lives in Vancouver, and even some who live in Montreal - shout out to Christophe!) to come out for a drink. To my surprise, everyone came. I managed to snap a few photos early in the night, but this isn't a true representation of everyone who made it out. I really felt loved that evening.

Many other things happened throughout the month to celebrate my birthday, but most of them went unphotographed. There was breakfast in bed, walks along the seawall, dinners with old friends, and many cat cards. I'd like to take this time to thank everyone who made the effort to remember my birthday. From a quick "Happy Birthday" in the hallway at work to the classic Facebook wall post, I really appreciate it. I love birthdays, and though I struggle to love my own, I really appreciate you remembering me. Thank you for being in my life and for reaching out.

Here's to 25! I plan on killing it this year, so watch out, world!

With immense love, xx Jana