A Day with The Urrutias

For a long time I wanted to get into family photography, but I needed to put my own spin on it. Luckily, a family member came to me with the idea of shooting candids rather than the typical posed family shots. Since that conversation, I couldn't let the idea out of my head. Then, it developed into this: Spend a day with a family enjoying their typical routine, and shoot the little moments that too often get forgotten. Be a fly on the wall because kids grow up too quickly.

I am lucky to know the perfect guinea pig family. The Urrutias gladly welcomed me into their home on an early Saturday morning. I learned the process of making breakfast and getting ready to leave the house with four children. The kids quickly learned to ignore my lens and go on, as they normally would. The tiny moments - brushing teeth in the morning and jumping into bed with mom were so genuine and full of beautiful love.

Through the day, I got to know each child. They let me into their rooms, talked about their hobbies, and showed their unique personalities. Kuya Kaden has his own bedroom downstairs. He aspires to make music and is often playing Minecraft with friends online. Kyzec enjoys the top bunk (and happens to be the star of my favourite shots of the day), playing piano, and his Jordans. He also makes a mean cup of coffee, too! Nikodemus is a playful, gentle soul who loves watching YouTube videos. Lastly, Karlinha is bursting with energy and creative ideas. All four children add important elements to this family. I am so lucky to have spent this time with them and get to know them at this age.

I asked the Urrutias to do as they normally would on a sunny Saturday, so we headed out to a patio for lunch and a stroll around Granville Island. They are the epitome of a city family - exploring the best restaurants and coffee shops. After a quick lunch, we ventured to the public market. The kids excitedly helped buy fresh groceries for dinner and seeds for the birds.

We went outside and fed the birds. I don't think I've ever had the chance to say that sentence. The kids ran around and fed the birds and so many precious moments revealed themselves. The family huddled together to see a hilarious shot of Kyzec seemingly being attacked by a bird and Nhaji had a quiet moment with her eldest son.


Endless thank you's go to the Urrutia family for opening their hearts to me. Thank you for letting me take photos of your family and trusting me with them! I hope these photos illustrate the love that is so evidently a deep part of your family. I cannot wait to watch them grow up!


With love, J