A Day with the Drugges

Family photography is easily becoming my favourite type of shoot!Maybe I'm being blinded by how comfortable I felt with the Drugges. This was one of those shoots where everything worked for and against us at the same time! We were lucky to be blessed with blue skies and sunshine - but that also means harsh shadows and overexposure. To be honest, I was also completely ready to shoot little Kasper in his adorable rain outfit, but we can save that for another day! This was one of the few shoots where I walked in relatively unfazed by nerves.  It was a combination of knowing the family well and the locations we were shooting. Kasper started the shoot off right by posing like the angel he is in his nursery. It could only go up from there!

Two of my favourite shots from this shoot are probably the most unconventional...

^I adore this shot. An example of true candid photography, I understand that the composition makes no sense. I love how the emotions between all three people emanate through the photo despite having little to no facial feature. It looks like a photo that lands in the trash can for most, but for me it is a true snapshot of a moment.

^One of the hardest things to capture in a family shoot is how a parent looks at their child. It is easy to fall into the trap of focussing on the children, but the look of love and admiration of a parent is just as valuable. You can see how proud and joyful Ivey feels as she looks at her son passing a soccer ball to her husband (out of frame).

As always, I feel blessed to have people in my life who trust me with their capturing memories. Daniel and Ivey have opened their doors to me many times, and I hope this is not the last we see of their loving family through my lens. Endless appreciation goes out to the Drugge family for their support, patience, and trust.

xx J