Alicia + David

I’ve got a soft spot for fall weddings. The crisp air, people excited to be at weddings again, and all lush greens and colours! Alicia + David had a small, intimate ceremony in September that stole my heart. In a small home that was transformed into a wedding venue tucked in the forest in BC, they gathered their beautiful blended family to celebrate love.

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Cassidy Waring

Cassidy is a rare soul.
She simply radiates kindness and has a way of filling empty dark spaces of life with imminent warmth. Her voice and writing hits me right in the heart and from the moment we met, I knew I had to photograph those incredible eyelashes. We met in her cozy home in the heart of Vancouver where she surprised me with treats, cheese, and crackers. After a long awaited catchup about all things in life, we finally cozied up to taking photos. She posed naturally and organically in her space and sang sweet melodies all day. I'll admit, I asked for a few more songs than were necessary.

Take a minute from your busy day to check out this mega talented lady's music and work. You won't regret it!:
Cassidy's Website



One sunny Sunday, Emel and I met up in coal harbour to shoot some new spring looks for her website and Instagram. I love how she is fearless when it comes to pops of colour and patterns and how her outfits really felt like the change of seasons. She was a joy to shoot - cool, casual, and full of movement in front of the lens. Here are a few of my favourite shots!

Check out Emel's Instagram @rain_city_life

xx J

Papercuts by Crissy

I can't draw a straight line to save my life.Whenever I see a piece of Crissy's work I become entranced in the lines and wonder how she cuts such beautiful, perfectly straight lines. Photographing Crissy's work was a blast. She gave me free reign with artistic direction and odd angles. While shooting each delicate piece, we talked about life in the creative lane. The fears, anxieties, and self-doubt that goes alone with choosing to make art a bigger part in our lives. We bonded over the quiet struggle that all artists feel and how it is always outweighed by the need to create in order to maintain balance in our lives.

I've known Crissy for all of my life. Our paths have brought us in and out of each other's lives, but out bond has always been simple. We are like sisters. Miles and time will never break that bond because we also seem to fall right back into a comfortable state. She has always had a creative soul, and when she started to express herself through her papercuts, I knew it was magic. I was over the moon when she let me photograph her brand new collection!

Crissy's work is currently showing at Kafka's Coffee Shop on Main and Broadway. On her opening out, all the fam came out to support! Her father and mother were beaming with pride, along with her sisters and those who feel like she is a sibling. Most people stared in awe at her work - asking themselves the same questions I asked myself when I first saw the new collection: How long does it take to make one? How does she cut so straight and precisely? How does she come up with these designs? It was a surreal feeling to see her work framed and placed on the stark white walls.

Crissy's work is both awe inspiring and beautiful. Take a few minutes out of your day to check it all out at: You won't regret it - seriously. You can now buy her prints at As always, supporting local handmade art is always a YES!


With love, xx J

Shiri's First Birthday

By far, my favorite type of shoot are these ones.Mahla and Jeremy graciously welcomed me into their home to help capture and celebrate little Shiri's first birthday. They gave me full creative reign to capture the tiny moments that mostly go unnoticed at these type of major events. I came to their home early to spend time with the birthday girl and watch immediate family play with this cheerful little lady.

A lot of my favourite moments from this day came in the quiet moments. Watching Shiri's family climb into her ball pit and FaceTime her aunt, the moment where I watched four important women in her life laugh out loud and relish in her smile, and the speed with which she walked around (with a little bit of assistance, of course!)

The party was a hit! I wish I could include more photos here, but most of them were of other guests attending the party! Mahla is a true hostess and had quite the spread of sweet treats, and healthy ones, for everyone to enjoy and Jeremy is quite the entertainer with his guitar in hand!

What struck me most about this family was their emanating joy. The room was filled with so much love, not only for Shiri, but for each other. Mahla and Jeremy were simply beaming with energy. Happy first birthday, Shiri! Here's to many more!

x Jana

Quality Time

Quality time is a toughie for me. I feel like I am constantly juggling a million projects, responsibilities, and ideas in my mind that it's hard for me to be present in the moment. The only person that seems to make time stop is this little angel. A few weeks ago, Carolina invited me to bring Lucy to her first ever movie in a theatre. She was ready to watch the Minions movie with her minion backpack and a bag of popcorn. Plus, the gross sweaty Skittles that melted in her hands that she ate (and shared) throughout the movie. It was great to be a part of what can be seen as a small "First" in her life. I hope that as she grow sup I bring her to many more movies and help her to see them as works of art and peepholes into the human psyche.

Over Spring Break I got the chance to babysit her for the day. I learned that "parent" life is damn hard and full or surprises. I had the day all planned out, but it got derailed in the first hour. We adjusted quickly and still got everything checked off the list - with a mid day nap too! Some of my favourite shots of Lucy growing up are the ones that are purely in the moment. Her hiding the curtain during hide and go seek, grabbing my phone to "take photos of me", and her napping in bed (the riskiest of them all!). Taking her to the Aquarium was a blast, but laying on the ground singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" is just as good.

The first thing you see as you enter the B Cool household is this sign. Words to live by.

xx J