twenty four


My birthday week kicked off with a surprise birthday princess party and a beautiful Lattimer family shoot (more on that later!) Thomas and the boy surprised me cupcakes, a tiara, and gorgeous princess cups!

The birthday love continued as I was treated to gorgeous flowers and a lovely lunch at work! Though I try to keep my birthday quiet, a few sneaky co-workers uncovered the truth and made me feel quite special.

No birthday is complete without your best friends gathered in a warm room to talk, drink, and be merry. It was a simple birthday evening, but perfect nonetheless.

As tradition goes, I was allowed to pick any meal I dreamed of for Sunday dinner, and so Carol cooked the most delectable Greek dinner! My family knows me well as they gave me cozy sweaters, excellent headphones, and a beautiful print of Park Theatre in Cambie Village. I almost immediately hung this photo in my apartment and am excited to have it wherever I move as reminder of the neighbourhood that shaped me into who I am today.

On the final birthday event, Mike surprised me with a photowalk around our neighbourhood where I spotted the most adorable cat. He also did the rarest of things and took photos of me! It was an uncomfortable feeling being in front of the lens, but I'm proud of Mike's results! The day ended off at Trattoria where I munched on the best chocolate filled donuts!!!

This year, my birthday left me feeling simply grateful. I appreciate every way you all sent your love - from a quick facebook post, a home made card (BEYONCE CARD BELOW!!!), a thoughtful present, a lovely text, an e-mail, or an awesome phone call. I quickly noticed a common theme of people hoping that I was spoiled on my birthday - and that I was. For one week, I truly felt special, and I allowed myself to soak in that feeling which left me radiating as if I had spent a lifetime in sunshine. Thank you all for the outpouring of love, I am grateful to have such loving and genuine people around me.