simpson brothers band

The Simpson Brothers Band

A few of my favourite muses were looking for new shots to go with their new music. The Simpson Brothers Band recently released a new EP named Always on Your Side (yeah, you can find it on iTunes! Go get it! The cover may look familiar!) and are currently working away on a new LP. Their sound has grown up and matured alongside of them. The last time we shot photos was about three ago when both them and I had a different feel in our art. We drove down to Point Roberts and Tsawwassen to find some interesting backgrounds and I got to try my hand at styling a bit! They were patient and kind as I tried out new looks and even more patient as I played with new editing software to put the finishing touches on their photos.

The best part by far was ending the evening with the ever-kind Simpson family (and the stunning Becky) who invited both myself and my PA for dinner after the shoot. They opened up their home to us not only for photos but for a walk down memory lane as the boys reminisced about high school days. It is in these moments that I feel so blessed to have talented friends around me who support me not only by coming to me for photos, but letting me experiment too.

& who knows, maybe a few years from now we will be shooting a whole new set of photos and you can all watch us grow in our craft.

To years of friendship and evolving art!