scot wallace

Christina Lake

We went back to the originals on this one! 
Since Laryn landed a new job, she couldn't make it up to the lake this year. So, after a whirlwind weekend in Vegas, Mike and Scot picked me up from the airport for a week of relaxation. There aren't many photos because our main goal this week was: Do Nothing. The only plan we made (and by "we" I mean that I demanded) was that we went into town for some ice cream! 

xx J


My birthday week kicked off with a surprise birthday princess party and a beautiful Lattimer family shoot (more on that later!) Thomas and the boy surprised me cupcakes, a tiara, and gorgeous princess cups!

The birthday love continued as I was treated to gorgeous flowers and a lovely lunch at work! Though I try to keep my birthday quiet, a few sneaky co-workers uncovered the truth and made me feel quite special.

No birthday is complete without your best friends gathered in a warm room to talk, drink, and be merry. It was a simple birthday evening, but perfect nonetheless.

As tradition goes, I was allowed to pick any meal I dreamed of for Sunday dinner, and so Carol cooked the most delectable Greek dinner! My family knows me well as they gave me cozy sweaters, excellent headphones, and a beautiful print of Park Theatre in Cambie Village. I almost immediately hung this photo in my apartment and am excited to have it wherever I move as reminder of the neighbourhood that shaped me into who I am today.

On the final birthday event, Mike surprised me with a photowalk around our neighbourhood where I spotted the most adorable cat. He also did the rarest of things and took photos of me! It was an uncomfortable feeling being in front of the lens, but I'm proud of Mike's results! The day ended off at Trattoria where I munched on the best chocolate filled donuts!!!

This year, my birthday left me feeling simply grateful. I appreciate every way you all sent your love - from a quick facebook post, a home made card (BEYONCE CARD BELOW!!!), a thoughtful present, a lovely text, an e-mail, or an awesome phone call. I quickly noticed a common theme of people hoping that I was spoiled on my birthday - and that I was. For one week, I truly felt special, and I allowed myself to soak in that feeling which left me radiating as if I had spent a lifetime in sunshine. Thank you all for the outpouring of love, I am grateful to have such loving and genuine people around me.

Camping @ China Beach

A few friends and I decided to make a camping trip to the island, and it magically came together one weekend in August. We all met at the ferry terminal where we learned of Scot's wasp bite. His hand was swollen and steadily growing - a story that would develop all weekend...

We started off the weekend with a plethora of bacon and the classic coffee and Baileys and continued down to a foggy China Beach. Though the fog foiled our tanning plans, it gave me the chance to snap some great shots of the beach!

(Note the growth of the hand!)

It was a great weekend and the perfect little get away from my busy summer schedule! Though Scot's hand ended up wrapped up and in a sling after an emergency room visit, it was still a fun time! Blessed to be surrounded by great people - especially friends who put up with my camera lens in their faces!


Vancouver Pride

After living in Vancouver my entire life, I finally made it to a Pride Parade! After a fun evening of fireworks, Scot and Laryn let me tag along with them down to English Bay to watch the parade! In the head of the summer, it was great to see people join together to support everyone simply being themselves.

After the parade, we wandered through the different booths and food trucks and found a few familiar faces along the way ...

 It is days like these than remind me how unique and beautiful our city truly is.

xx Jana

Brassneck Brewery

A while ago, a few wonderful friends and I ventured out to check out Brassneck Brewery on Main Street for ourselves and to refill a couple growlers.  The night was simple - filled with good brew and great conversation. Needless to say, the tasty beers were enjoyed by all, though with different favourites. If you have a free night, I'd definitely suggest checking out this little brewery before it gets all too popular, busy, and expensive. Check them out here: