now amber

Puerto Vallarta, Mexico

The idea of a resort vacation scared me.Up to this point, any "vacation" was really an opportunity to travel. To me, travelling doesn't necessarily equate relaxation. It means experiencing new things and immersing into a different culture. It may lead to unexpected challenges and is rarely goes as smoothly as first conceived. After successfully completing the CASB program, Mike wanted to just RELAX. We booked an all-inclusive vacation to Puerto Vallarta and I convinced myself that an entire week of relaxation would lead to endless frustrating boredom. But, I couldn't know for sure without trying it first. Thankfully, I was proven wrong.

The resort was breathtaking from the moment we arrived. Though many days were spent on the beach or near the pool, I never took my camera out to photograph the resort. To be honest, it didn't particularly inspire me. We spent a few evenings chatting as the sun set around us - and those are the moments worth capturing.

When it came to choosing excursions, as soon as the ATV-ing option presented itself, I knew that Mike would jump at it. We enjoyed this experience in Cambodia so I knew it would be worth it. I didn't end up driving at all, due to lack of experience and rocky terrain, but it did give me the chance to soak in the surroundings. It was really amazing to travel through the mountain terrain in Mexico. The sun was rising above us as we gazed at the lush green land. At the end of the journey, we reached a private small waterfall where I sat atop a rock to just soak in the moment.


We also got the chance to go on a city tour. We visited Our Lade of Guadalupe church and walked around the city. My only regret on the trip is not leaving the tour and walking through the streets of PV, just Mike and I. The city itself is actually quite small despite the number of resorts surrounding it.

The trip was much needed after another year of work done and dusted. It gave us a chance to recharge and reconnect. It also inspired many conversations about future trips around the world, which will hopefully happen in 2016.