mahla finkleman

Shiri's First Birthday

By far, my favorite type of shoot are these ones.Mahla and Jeremy graciously welcomed me into their home to help capture and celebrate little Shiri's first birthday. They gave me full creative reign to capture the tiny moments that mostly go unnoticed at these type of major events. I came to their home early to spend time with the birthday girl and watch immediate family play with this cheerful little lady.

A lot of my favourite moments from this day came in the quiet moments. Watching Shiri's family climb into her ball pit and FaceTime her aunt, the moment where I watched four important women in her life laugh out loud and relish in her smile, and the speed with which she walked around (with a little bit of assistance, of course!)

The party was a hit! I wish I could include more photos here, but most of them were of other guests attending the party! Mahla is a true hostess and had quite the spread of sweet treats, and healthy ones, for everyone to enjoy and Jeremy is quite the entertainer with his guitar in hand!

What struck me most about this family was their emanating joy. The room was filled with so much love, not only for Shiri, but for each other. Mahla and Jeremy were simply beaming with energy. Happy first birthday, Shiri! Here's to many more!

x Jana