lucianna elle

Quality Time

Quality time is a toughie for me. I feel like I am constantly juggling a million projects, responsibilities, and ideas in my mind that it's hard for me to be present in the moment. The only person that seems to make time stop is this little angel. A few weeks ago, Carolina invited me to bring Lucy to her first ever movie in a theatre. She was ready to watch the Minions movie with her minion backpack and a bag of popcorn. Plus, the gross sweaty Skittles that melted in her hands that she ate (and shared) throughout the movie. It was great to be a part of what can be seen as a small "First" in her life. I hope that as she grow sup I bring her to many more movies and help her to see them as works of art and peepholes into the human psyche.

Over Spring Break I got the chance to babysit her for the day. I learned that "parent" life is damn hard and full or surprises. I had the day all planned out, but it got derailed in the first hour. We adjusted quickly and still got everything checked off the list - with a mid day nap too! Some of my favourite shots of Lucy growing up are the ones that are purely in the moment. Her hiding the curtain during hide and go seek, grabbing my phone to "take photos of me", and her napping in bed (the riskiest of them all!). Taking her to the Aquarium was a blast, but laying on the ground singing "Itsy Bitsy Spider" is just as good.

The first thing you see as you enter the B Cool household is this sign. Words to live by.

xx J

Adventures in Babysitting

Every now and then, I get the chance to babysit this little angel. Watching her grow up has been an absolute dream - witnessing crawling turn into little steps and developing into running around a room! I wish I could've taken more photos throughout the day, but this she can be a handful! The day started with tuna spaghetti lunch which was definitely a challenge to keep on the plate and not all over the walls! She also has this new habit of blinking whenever I pull my camera out - I guess that's her model pose!

I love this shot of her (above) though there are many faults in it from a photography point of view (composition is off, too close up, little blurry), I feel like it is the perfect snapshot of her at this point in her life - smiling, full of life, and on the move!

The day ended off with the discovery of Lucy's love for The Wizard of Oz! She was enchanted by the movie from the second I switched it on and we cozied up on the couch to watch it together (and singing along, of course!)

As much as I love photographing the big moments in her life, its fun to snap these 'everyday moments' too! She's growing up far too quickly, and I need to remember each page of the story of her life.

If you want to learn more about this angel, check out her amazing mama's blog at: You'll find honest and real stories of being a woman in our world and the ups and downs of motherhood. Please take a few minutes out of your busy day to read a few of Carolina's entries because they are truly eye opening and emotional pieces that make you think.

Vancouver Pride

After living in Vancouver my entire life, I finally made it to a Pride Parade! After a fun evening of fireworks, Scot and Laryn let me tag along with them down to English Bay to watch the parade! In the head of the summer, it was great to see people join together to support everyone simply being themselves.

After the parade, we wandered through the different booths and food trucks and found a few familiar faces along the way ...

 It is days like these than remind me how unique and beautiful our city truly is.

xx Jana

Springtime Lucianna Elle

It had been far too long since I snapped some photographs of little Lucianna Josue! Since her last shoot, she has grown leaps and bounds, learned to roll over, stand up, and crawl, and has the most adorable two tiny bottom teeth. She is now 8  months old and lighting up the family Sunday dinners with her endless laughs and conversations with herself.

Much love to the amazing parents to this little gem! I'm so happy to snap a picture of you two to keep forever!

& finally, I wish this mama a wonderful first mother's day! I hope Lucianna spoils you with a full night's sleep and no tears and that Rob takes care of all those diapers! Lucy is such a happy baby because she's got a mama like you!