Ryan + Sonya

Calgary has always felt like home.
Getting off a plane and driving up Country Hills Blvd feels all too familiar. Certain neighbourhoods and streets are filled with vivid memories and I get incredibly defensive when anyone so much as badmouths Calgary (the city, of course, the hockey team is another matter). But, this day I saw a new side of Calgary. 


Ryan and Sonya had a list of killer locations they wanted to hit during their engagement shoot. They brought me to new areas of Calgary I had never seen before - from gorgeous views of the cityscape to tiny historic corners of jazz history. They were down for anything - even climbing all over a children's park. The result were a set of photos that I feel incredibly proud of. 


I could gush about the genuine love that these two humans have for each other, but I'll save that for their wedding blog post. Let me leave you with one of my favourite moments from this day together: Ryan excitedly pushing Sonya on a cart we found in the middle of ContainR. 

Mark & Vanessa

They say friends are the family that you choose. Well, maybe family chooses family.A few months ago I was lucky enough to meet Mark and Vanessa - two friends of my cousins. They welcomed me into their home instantly and even genuinely to their wedding. Though we had just met, we laughed and spoke as if we were friends for years. It was my honour when they allowed me to photograph a few casual shots for their engagement.