It's been far too long since I played in the fashion make-up world. I've been focussing more on lifestyle shoots and incorporating my camera into my every day life that I totally dropped this side of photography. I have always adored the art that can be created by putting together the right make-up artist, model, and photographer. I recently reconnected with a madly talented make-up artist, Carole Methot, who asked me to shoot a Pay McGrath-inspired look. Upon arriving at her home, I fell in love with her two cats and photographed them (somewhat) incessantly. 

After the tedious and time consuming process of applying each individual crystal/bead/gem, I had the opportunity to shoot! The model was limited in her posing due to the nature of the look, but I think we got some pretty killer shots!

Some people come into your life for a reason, and I feel lucky to reconnect with Carole and explore this side of my creativity with her. Her love for her craft and attention to detail is amazing to watch. She is wildly talented and creative, but moreover, she has a sweet and caring soul. This isn't the last you've heard from us, I guarantee it!