commercial drive

Erin & Jillian

I'm not a "on the fly" kind of person.I'm the type of person who feels lost without my planner. I am rarely doing "nothing" and if I am, it's because I planned it that way. I especially despise people who encroach on my rare and beloved "me" time. So, a couple weeks ago, when Erin called me to see if I was free for an impromptu press photoshoot of her and Jillian, I was shocked to see it all work out so perfectly. I happened to have no plans that evening. I guess it's that thing they call fate.

We met on Commercial drive to shoot her and Jillian the director and artistic director of Verses Festival. They were full of energy and beautiful movement. The ladies were game for anything - "Hey, jump on that tree!" "Okay!" "What about that slide?" "Let's do it!". It was a race against light! We had about an hour to play with and we ran with it - literally. Erin and Jillian are obviously working hard to get this festival together. They are giving it their all for the love of art and poetry. It was refreshing to see their relationship in person. They are two women who are working seamlessly together to empower an entire community and a world of young women who dream of achieving what they have.

If you're curious about these two lovely ladies, as you should be, you can read this interview with Jillian or check out the Verses Festival website!