The Happiest Place on Earth

Last week, the MacLaren-Croft-Josue clan threw on one-of-a-kind shirts and excitedly jumped on a plan to venture to beautiful California. The family trip centered around theme parks as we visited Disneyland, California Adventure, Sea World, and Universal Studios. As I stepped into the Disneyland gates as an adult, I was astounded by all the little details of the park. Everything is so clearly well thought out that you cannot help but stare with amazement. It truly makes dreams feel like reality.

Sea World was a fun-filled day as we interacted with so many animals. On the way home from the park, we saw more of California as we drove past Laguna Beach and Huntington Beach.

Though the days were jam-packed with rides, shows, and delictable unhealthy food, the trip was really about family. Car rides and evenings were spent chatting away and getting to know each other better.

Photographing Disneyland was truly a joy. Capturing the right moments made princesses and characters feel real. It felt like every second in the park could be a perfect photograph. I definitely had to learn on this trip to put the camera down and live in the moment.

Much love and gratitude to Dan MacLaren & Jody Croft for making this trip possible. Thank you for giving us all unforgettable memories, but especially for bringing us all closer together and making this family stronger.