Kauai, Hawaii

Hawaii was never on my "list". I heard of it's beauty and wonder, but never really felt the need to see it for myself. The latest Josue wedding brought us to these breathtaking islands. It was there that Chris and Chelsea fell in love, embodied the spirit of island life, and got engaged. Chris only spoke excitedly about Kauai and convinced me with his every word that it would be a place I would fall in love with. And that I did. 

I roomed with Ron, Liz, and Ryan in a beautiful airbnb on Kauai that had a vintage Hawaii feel. We had a short few days on the island before exploring Oahu, but it was enough to appreciate the beauty of the area. The bright colours, unreal beauty, and laid back aura of the area really stuck with me. 

Check out a few photos from the first few days of our trip! 

xx J