Made by Keri P

After the discovery that I enjoy product photography, I knew exactly who to go to keep practicing this art.Keri is an incredible human being. She radiates light and has a way of always being positive. She is a dedicated teacher, but much like myself, needs a creative outlet. She has taken up weaving, and has even brought it into the school for students to experience it too! Her work is vibrant and colourful. It infusing a light playfulness into a home and a touch of love. It is evident that they're made by hand and that they are full of care. I love her work and felt excited when she let me photograph her weavings! Weavings are a trend that is emerging in the craft field, so I felt we had to style the weavings a little bit so that people could better imagine what they would look like in their home. Luckily, Keri's home was filled with interesting and unique knick-knacks that perfectly fit the image I had in mind.

After photographing her work, I couldn't help but ask to photograph her. She let me use her yarn and supplies to dress the set, and even her adorable dog, Gurley, decided to join in on the set. Capturing Keri's essence was easy. She has the type of eyes that light up a room and smile that is simply infectious. It didn't hurt that her loving husband was behind the camera making her laugh and giving me the perfect candids. Weaving helps Keri escape the weight of daily life and allows her to escape into her creative mind. This is something I fully understand and support.

Collaborating with friends is my favourite part of my photography - especially when it is someone I truly believe in. Please take a few minutes out of your busy Sunday to check out Keri's Facebook and Instagram. Follow her social media to keep up to date with her newest designs and adventures. If you're thinking about purchasing a piece, check out her Etsy shop! As my new office starts to come together, I know exactly where my future MadebyKeriP weaving will be hung. She can even create custom designs for you and multiples to be hung in many homes. Help support local artists and genuinely good people.


Until next time, xx J