Snap, Snap, Snap: LVD

There's a whole world of photography I've been ignoring - and for no good reason.I've never made a single attempt at product photography. I know that I am not a landscape or nature photographer. I enjoy it in my free time, but I know that it is not my forte, or my interest. I tend to get bored by the subject matter. I love to photograph people because they can tell a story by the shape of their mouth or a look in their eye. I believe that this self-knowledge led me to never look into product photography. I felt I was portrait maker, a candid enthusiast, an inanimate object photography snob.

Boy, was I wrong. Luckily, one of my dearest creative friends chose to live a life of artistry and creativity and entered a graphic design program last year. Through her time there, she had mentioned that she may need my help with some photos, and I always smiled at the thought of a collaboration. Laryn has been a constant source of support and encouragement in my photography. Her belief in me has never wavered, but has also pushed me to work harder and keep reaching. It was my turn to return the favour, and to put her work, literally, in the best light possible.

It started a few weeks ago where she asked me to photograph items in a knolling fashion for a final project. From that project, came this beautiful book. I felt a speechless seeing my photography in real print. There they were. My small contribution to her beautiful creation. I felt like screaming from the top of my lungs, but instead I held the book for a moment and urged my mind to remember this irreplaceable moment. As I started to shoot the book, I was elated to see the freedom that Laryn gave me to take "odd" shots and angles.

She came in tow with two other projects. A redesigned children's toothpaste - a project that I feel must have pushed her outside of her normal aesthetic but was so playful and young. I loved the colours and the story. Plus, I will always appreciate excellent representation on any product. Lastly, a poster design project that really stunned me. I love the concept, the real folds, and the story it tells.

Today, I learned that I really enjoy product photography. I'm new at it, and I need to get more reflectors and improve my studio lighting skills, but I felt like I was still telling a complete story. Maybe, it's because I believe in Laryn's work so much that I felt so inspired, or maybe it's been reading too much "Big Magic", but I felt lifted by inspiration this weekend. Holding that book in my hand made me want to push towards my goals and projects that I have left too often in the back of my mind. This is one of those days where my photography gave me energy and light. I realize that too often I don't allow it to do so. I leave it to after my work, when I am already exhausted, and it feels like extra work. That needs to change.

Laryn will be finishing her program this spring. If you are in need of any graphic design work, check out her Instagram: @larynvandyk and contact this incredibly talented artist!