Chris & Chelsea

I've been dabbling in photography for years, yet I've never really asked to be involved in the milestone photographs of my family. Honestly, I only want the best for my family, and in my mind, that is far from my photography. On a recent Calgary trip, I asked my cousin Chris and his gorgeous fiance, Chelsea, if they were interested in some engagement shots. They graciously and excitedly said yes, and my anxiety started to build.

That anxiety was unnecessary as Chris and Chelsea were naturals in front of the camera. It could be their dance backgrounds that made them fearless in front of the lens, or their relaxed attitude towards life that made happiness simple exude from their eyes. We decided to jump a few fences and take photos in a gorgeous, open wheat field - a backdrop that may seem unexpected to most. They are known to love the mountains and the water, but what truly makes them alive is nature and open space. From a distance, I barely directed them as they moved so naturally together. My favourite moment of the day was when they slow danced in this field of gold. For a second, I put down my lens, and I soaked in the sight of true love.


After our frolicking in the field and tasty dim sum, we looked for an area that represented their 'urban' sides. They showed me the adorable matching Mister and Miss' hats they had made the previous day! Instead of an expected graffiti wall, we found a black and white barn in the middle of Inglewood which matched their vision perfectly.

I cannot wait to watch these two beautiful people commit themselves to each other next year in Hawaii. I've had the pleasure of knowing Chris my entire life - a cousin who exemplifies undying loyalty and love. The day of this shoot, I got a chance to get to know Chelsea better than I ever had before. I learned about her ambition - not only in her newly started company - but in finding ways to make this world truly better. Thank you for taking a chance on me for your engagement photos, and for helping me realize that I am ready.

To a lifetime of love!

xx J