It can be easy to lose our identity.Today's generation is often hiding behind usernames and shining screens. Anonymity isn't hard to come by.

When Carole pitched the idea of shooting a man with his entire head paper mached, my instinctual answer was: Yes! Of course. Walking into the model's apartment, his face was already mostly covered. It felt odd to be in someone's home and converse with him despite never having seen his face. Though I gathered information about him from conversation, home decor, and what he chose to play on Netflix, I still felt oddly like I had not met him. He truly was a trooper though this experience - battling through difficulty breathing, hours of sitting in a chair, and claustrophobia.

Shooting the actual material proved harder than expected because we had limited pose options as the head could break if we moved it too much. Additionally, we wanted to get him out of it as soon as possible - for his own sanity! Despite the tricky situation, we came out with a few exceptional photos.



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