A Day with the Sachs

I've come to accept that I will always be nervous before any shoot. Heading to the meet the Sachs, I felt my stomach starting to knot and self doubt flooded my mind. As I entered their home, all of those feelings quickly melted away. Shira and Mike have created a beautiful home that exudes acceptance. Due to an unexpected sleepy newborn, we were confined to staying in the house, but there was plenty to see and photograph!

The Sachs are playful. Shira and Mike and kind and sweet parents. Izzy is an energetic toddler who quickly became accustomed to my camera and continually ran through the hallway at my request. And Desi, well, there's not much to say about her personality at this point, but I can attest to how absolutely adorable she is! They are also a modern family. Some of my favourite shots of the day came from FaceTiming their family around the world. They really embraced the concept of "a normal day in your life" and didn't let my presence stop them from playing games and spending time with family.

A few hours in, newborn Desi finally decided to join our party. I was happy to capture a few tender moments between mama and baby. This lucky little lady wakes up to a daily full body massage! Though we didn't get the typical "newborn" shots,  watching her parents and brother interact with her was precious.

The day ended with a few silly moments as a family! Izzy was bouncing off the walls and the rooms were filled with laughter. It was truly a joy to shoot this beautiful family. They are incredibly open, accepting, and understanding. A few hours are such a short amount of time to get to know anyone, yet in that time I felt that I saw a family full of love and joy. I hope these photos help them keep a snapshot of their family at this time. I'm sure that little Desi has already grown leaps and bounds since I've seen her!

A big thank you to the Sachs family for letting me into their home and for letting me share their story.

xx J