San Francisco

For over a year, plans were made to visit San Francisco with the best company - my family. Hearsay told me that I would fall in love with the city instantly, and that I did. The old character of the buildings with the bustling movement of a city is exactly what I look for in a place to live. The adventure started with a walk around downtown and Union Square. Of course, I quickly found myself in the Nike store (You know the Josue way of life!). Along the streets, I found endless inspiration for photos.

You read that right - we found a Filipino food truck and we had to grab a bite! (It was insanely delicious). Once settled into our home for the next few days, we hit the ground running with a round of Sociables. It was definitely one of the most memorable rounds of this game in my life - up there with a ridiculous night in Anilao!

Day two started with gluttony at its best. We walked to a Dim Sum restaurant that was suggested by a San Fran resident, and we were not disappointed! Check it out if you're ever in town and order some 'teardrops of heaven' and the Mango cake!

Next on the agenda was a good old fashioned baseball game! We all walked into the amazing AT&T Stadium and enjoyed a day of sunshine, baseball, and (expensive) beer.

After a glass of watermelon beer and a ridiculous Uber ride, we were at the chilly Pier 39. We walked around, visited the sea lions, and took in the sights!

Day three brought us back to Fisherman's Wharf where I finally got to try out the infamous In N Out fast food chain (8/10) and some yummy clam chowdaaa (10/10).

All of Jeff's pre-planning came together as we jumped on the Alcatraz night tour. This was definitely a highlight of the trip for me

! So many amazing photo opportunities (including of my favs from the trip - Jeff in a jail cell) and the rich history of the site. The audio tour was amazing and we were all engulfed in the atmosphere. The hospital wing was open on this tour, and there was some odd vibes in that areas.

We were in FULL tourist mode the next day as we hopped on a Big Bus tour and visited other areas of town including the famous Haight Street (great vintage shopping) and the Golden Gate Bridge.

Our final day in San Fran centered around a tattoo adventure for Pam and I. After a year of talking about getting a tattoo together, we finally were in the same city and sealed the deal! Though we had a great view of sea lions while we were being tattooed, both of our facial expressions show the reality of a tattoo!

As the San Fran part of this Cali trip wrapped up with more partying and laughs - it only made me look forward to Napa Valley and being with the ENTIRE Josue family. But more on that next week ...

xx Jana