Rainy Daze

We've been spoiled with sunshine.Before you feel the need to yell "Don't complain about sun!" at the screen, I'm not complaining. Summer in Vancouver is impeccable. It's the reason I try to avoid travelling in the summer and why I tell friends that you haven't lived in Vancouver unless you've spent a summer here. A few weeks ago, we had one rainy day. A singular day where it seemed to reek of October. As I sat at my desk, sipping on green tea, I felt a surge of inspiration. It was one of my most productive and creative days in the summer.

My dear friend, Thomas, and I already had plans to meet that day, and I asked him if we could do an impromptu shoot at Kits beach with the rain clouds overhead. His response? "I have my HBC umbrella with me." After our classic date of take out sushi and reality TV, we headed out to the shore with our last two beers. We shot a few photos, but more important, we had an introspective and speculative discussion of our friendship and futures.