Khatsahlano Festival 2014

Weeks ago, I put the Khatsahlano Festival on our schedule. I've never been before in my life, and last summer we missed it because we were out of town! Our neighbourhood was definitely transformed for the event, and Mike and I had to walk a short 3 blocks to be in the middle of the fun.

I experienced my very FIRST food truck experience at "This Little Pig" where I chowed down on a yummy pulled pork sandwich. We found a quiet little grass patch, enjoyed our food, and people watched.

Throughout the day, we watched a few street performers who were both hilarious and entertaining.

After the festival, we went over to my dad's place for the classic Sunday dinner where Lucianna sat in her personal deck chair! (Sitting with the help of grandpa - of course!)

This summer has truly been a blessing! The weeks are busy with work, photography, and friends, but I can always count on Sunday to be a day of family, amazing food, and real love.

xx J