Dear Paul & Laura

Dear Paul & Laura, I remember the moment you announced your engagement at my birthday party. Though the rest of the night is a blur, I woke up the next morning with a smile plastered on my face because two of my good friends were getting married! Two (quick) years later, and here we are! I have never met two people who are more deserving to receive the outpouring of love that you did on your wedding day. Your simple backyard in Maple Ridge was truly transformed into a whimsical and rustic world. Every detail was thought of and executed flawlessly - even down to the drinking game. Clouds may have hung overhead, but they opened right at the moment of your ceremony as if it were a blessing from something grander than us.

Though you sent us many thank you cards, we never really had the chance to thank you. Thank you for inviting us, not only to your wedding, but to every event in the lead up to this big day. Thank you for always answering my incessant questions about the wedding with enthusiasm, even though they must have been tiresome to answer. Thank you for making Mike a part of your bridal party, a role I know he truly appreciated. Thank you for letting us witness your love grow into a marriage. Most of all, thank you for showing the rest of us couples, what true love really looks like. Throughout this hectic process, you both showed such grace and patience with everyone around you, and each other. You were not afraid to ask for help, and were always gracious when we were there along the way. You teach us to laugh through the tough moments and show kindness at all times.

This will truly be a day to remember. From many forgotten items at home, to the special show that Scot gave Paul on the dancefloor, and those perfectly times midnight cheeseburgers - I will never forget it! A wedding is about joining two families, and yours did more that just that - it also joined two groups of friends together and hopefully, is the start of many new friendships. We may point fingers and speculate at who is next to the altar, but let's just relish in your beautiful moment a little bit longer.

We wish you a lifetime of love and laughter - and many more summers with peach sangrias and life vest seats!

With love, Jana