Colour Theory

You may have noticed that I seem to collaborate with this incredible makeup artist, Carole Methot, often. Well, I hope you like it, because this is OUR year.We have committed to shoot at least once a month this year. We will explore ideas, themes, and techniques that interest us both, and like a true partnership, we will help each other grow.

Lately, I've been engulfed with the concept of colour - What is it? What does it represent to different people? How do we interpret colour? Why does it represent certain emotions or memories? As I explored these ideas, I wanted to create a shoot based on it. Carole, an ever flexible artist, was down to take the ride with me. It is funny how each colour turned out to represent the traditional emotions that are associated with them. I also played around with in-studio lighting during this shoot - I really enjoyed the harsh lighting and shadows that I created, but it isn't a technique that will work for every shoot.

xx J