Vancouver Bridal Fashion Week

Part of jumping into freelancing was opening myself up to saying "YES!" to new opportunities and jumping into unknowns. That's how I felt as I stepped into shooting the promotion shoot for the Vancouver Bridal Fashion Week in Vancouver. The experience was unique and exciting - so many collaborators coming together with the common goal of creating something beautiful and memorable. It was a non-stop afternoon, but worth every minute and I walked away with a new experience under my belt and some of my favourite shots of the year so far! 

VanBridalShowPromo-1 copy.jpg
VanBridalShowPromo-2 copy.jpg
VanBridalShowPromo-7 copy.jpg
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VanBridalShowPromo-130 copy.jpg
VanBridalShowPromo-131 copy.jpg
VanBridalShowPromo-137 copy.jpg
VanBridalShowPromo-198 copy.jpg

There was an incredible team behind all of this magic. Check 'em out!
fashion : @shophannahtikkanen @littlepinkdressdesign
hair + makeup : @bluerubyartistry
styled by : @bridalfashionweekcanada⠀⠀
models : @mayapiscopo @brookegrisewood @joi_csi_modelling @tomichelleski @nevekelly_ @shabnamolga @sarahsemeniuk

Papercuts by Crissy

I can't draw a straight line to save my life.Whenever I see a piece of Crissy's work I become entranced in the lines and wonder how she cuts such beautiful, perfectly straight lines. Photographing Crissy's work was a blast. She gave me free reign with artistic direction and odd angles. While shooting each delicate piece, we talked about life in the creative lane. The fears, anxieties, and self-doubt that goes alone with choosing to make art a bigger part in our lives. We bonded over the quiet struggle that all artists feel and how it is always outweighed by the need to create in order to maintain balance in our lives.

I've known Crissy for all of my life. Our paths have brought us in and out of each other's lives, but out bond has always been simple. We are like sisters. Miles and time will never break that bond because we also seem to fall right back into a comfortable state. She has always had a creative soul, and when she started to express herself through her papercuts, I knew it was magic. I was over the moon when she let me photograph her brand new collection!

Crissy's work is currently showing at Kafka's Coffee Shop on Main and Broadway. On her opening out, all the fam came out to support! Her father and mother were beaming with pride, along with her sisters and those who feel like she is a sibling. Most people stared in awe at her work - asking themselves the same questions I asked myself when I first saw the new collection: How long does it take to make one? How does she cut so straight and precisely? How does she come up with these designs? It was a surreal feeling to see her work framed and placed on the stark white walls.

Crissy's work is both awe inspiring and beautiful. Take a few minutes out of your day to check it all out at: You won't regret it - seriously. You can now buy her prints at As always, supporting local handmade art is always a YES!


With love, xx J

Made by Keri P

After the discovery that I enjoy product photography, I knew exactly who to go to keep practicing this art.Keri is an incredible human being. She radiates light and has a way of always being positive. She is a dedicated teacher, but much like myself, needs a creative outlet. She has taken up weaving, and has even brought it into the school for students to experience it too! Her work is vibrant and colourful. It infusing a light playfulness into a home and a touch of love. It is evident that they're made by hand and that they are full of care. I love her work and felt excited when she let me photograph her weavings! Weavings are a trend that is emerging in the craft field, so I felt we had to style the weavings a little bit so that people could better imagine what they would look like in their home. Luckily, Keri's home was filled with interesting and unique knick-knacks that perfectly fit the image I had in mind.

After photographing her work, I couldn't help but ask to photograph her. She let me use her yarn and supplies to dress the set, and even her adorable dog, Gurley, decided to join in on the set. Capturing Keri's essence was easy. She has the type of eyes that light up a room and smile that is simply infectious. It didn't hurt that her loving husband was behind the camera making her laugh and giving me the perfect candids. Weaving helps Keri escape the weight of daily life and allows her to escape into her creative mind. This is something I fully understand and support.

Collaborating with friends is my favourite part of my photography - especially when it is someone I truly believe in. Please take a few minutes out of your busy Sunday to check out Keri's Facebook and Instagram. Follow her social media to keep up to date with her newest designs and adventures. If you're thinking about purchasing a piece, check out her Etsy shop! As my new office starts to come together, I know exactly where my future MadebyKeriP weaving will be hung. She can even create custom designs for you and multiples to be hung in many homes. Help support local artists and genuinely good people.


Until next time, xx J


Snap, Snap, Snap: LVD

There's a whole world of photography I've been ignoring - and for no good reason.I've never made a single attempt at product photography. I know that I am not a landscape or nature photographer. I enjoy it in my free time, but I know that it is not my forte, or my interest. I tend to get bored by the subject matter. I love to photograph people because they can tell a story by the shape of their mouth or a look in their eye. I believe that this self-knowledge led me to never look into product photography. I felt I was portrait maker, a candid enthusiast, an inanimate object photography snob.

Boy, was I wrong. Luckily, one of my dearest creative friends chose to live a life of artistry and creativity and entered a graphic design program last year. Through her time there, she had mentioned that she may need my help with some photos, and I always smiled at the thought of a collaboration. Laryn has been a constant source of support and encouragement in my photography. Her belief in me has never wavered, but has also pushed me to work harder and keep reaching. It was my turn to return the favour, and to put her work, literally, in the best light possible.

It started a few weeks ago where she asked me to photograph items in a knolling fashion for a final project. From that project, came this beautiful book. I felt a speechless seeing my photography in real print. There they were. My small contribution to her beautiful creation. I felt like screaming from the top of my lungs, but instead I held the book for a moment and urged my mind to remember this irreplaceable moment. As I started to shoot the book, I was elated to see the freedom that Laryn gave me to take "odd" shots and angles.

She came in tow with two other projects. A redesigned children's toothpaste - a project that I feel must have pushed her outside of her normal aesthetic but was so playful and young. I loved the colours and the story. Plus, I will always appreciate excellent representation on any product. Lastly, a poster design project that really stunned me. I love the concept, the real folds, and the story it tells.

Today, I learned that I really enjoy product photography. I'm new at it, and I need to get more reflectors and improve my studio lighting skills, but I felt like I was still telling a complete story. Maybe, it's because I believe in Laryn's work so much that I felt so inspired, or maybe it's been reading too much "Big Magic", but I felt lifted by inspiration this weekend. Holding that book in my hand made me want to push towards my goals and projects that I have left too often in the back of my mind. This is one of those days where my photography gave me energy and light. I realize that too often I don't allow it to do so. I leave it to after my work, when I am already exhausted, and it feels like extra work. That needs to change.

Laryn will be finishing her program this spring. If you are in need of any graphic design work, check out her Instagram: @larynvandyk and contact this incredibly talented artist!