Workshop Wednesdays: Summer Workshops

Are you annoyed yet with how much I talk about Workshop Wednesdays?
Well, too bad, ‘cause they ain’t goin’ nowhere, and I ain’t gonna stop lovin’ em!!!

Crissy prepared a dope line up workshops for the summer and really embody summertime vibes. Though we love the cozy atmosphere of Moja in North Vancouver we ventured to Crissy’s backyard for some outdoor fun in the summer heat!

Weaving with Bruno + Delilah

Summer workshops started with weaving, a feat I didn’t think could happen without a loom, but these ladies proved me wrong! Everyone made the most adorable circle weavings that had me so, so jelly!

062118_WW_Weaving-6 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-2 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-5 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-13 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-14 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-51 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-47 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-25 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-63 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-77 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-86 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-87 copy.jpg

Chalkboard Lettering with Lettered with Love

Led by one of the masterminds behind the ahhhmazing work at bespoke decor, Nas walked everyone through how to letter like a goddess! It was super cool watching everyone develop their own styles and go home with their own chalkboards. Pro tip - you can sharpen chalk with a pencil sharpening. Yeah, I know, GAME CHANGER.

072618_WW_Chalk-1 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-15 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-36 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-44 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-48 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-69 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-61 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-81 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-82 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-103 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-104 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-124 copy.jpg

Watercolour with Citrushues

This one had me really in awe. One of the reasons I got into photography is because I can’t paint or draw for crap, but watching these brave humans give it a go in front of people they don’t know was so amazing. Plus, check in their INSANELY amazing results!

082818_WW_Watercolour-3 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-5 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-2 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-6 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-9 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-14 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-19 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-24 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-61 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-22 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-25 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-36 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-69 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-66 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-59 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-71 copy.jpg

Bookbinding with Bittermelon Bindery

At some point during EVERY Workshop Wednesday I shoot, I think to myself “Damn, I wish I took this workshop!”. This time, I did it the ENTIRE time. The beautiful paper, the cool ass journal, the fact you made it yourself - oh my!

082918_WW_BookBinding-22 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-1 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-5 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-14 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-21 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-32 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-38 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-50 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-70 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-84 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-82 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-87 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-88 copy.jpg

Workshop Wednesdays are in no way just a summer thing.
Crissy has a lot lined up for the fall
Follow what’s coming at

Those cute lil’ weavings could be yours!

You can find Nas’ work on her instagram

Add some colour to your insta feed with Parveen’s watercolours

Grab custom made journals from Chanel

Madina Lolaeva: Summer

You never quite know what Madina will pull out of her rolling suitcase, and this summer proved no different. Mixing solids, prints, crops, dresses, and skirts, Madina showed me what style can really do with the ever changing seasons of Vancouver. From street wear to beach days, she’s ready to go with any outfit that you can think of! Here are a few of my favourite snaps from this summer working with Madina!

061018_MainSt-5 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-9 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-17 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-21 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-24 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-30 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-47 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-57 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-67 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-83 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-87 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-98 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-14 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-28 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-34 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-18 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-48 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-56 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-64 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-69 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-75 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-93 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-98 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-104 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-100 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-106 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-109 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-121 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-122 copy.jpg

Madina’s feed is the definition of cool. Check it out now!

Amanda + Emily | Yoga at Jericho

There are days when everything lines up perfectly. The sun is at the perfect height, the greens are the creamy hues that dreams are made of, the temperature feel just right, and your subjects are as bright and airy as the images you wish to create. This is what transpired on the day I got to photography Amanda and Emily.

We met up at Jericho beach on the perfect day to capture both of them doing what they love to do - yoga! Despite my lack of knowledge of the names of the poses, they rocked it out and I was left with a gorgeous set of a couple of absolute stunnas! Check out the set below - it’s truly one of my faves of the summer!

072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-7 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-34 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-19 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-22 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-45 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-58 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-65 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-81 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-100 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-102 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-143 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-161 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-167 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-228 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-183 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-192 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-175 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-200 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-205 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-213 copy.jpg
072418_Amanda+EmilyYoga-218 copy.jpg

Both of these yogis have incredible instagrams filled with all that health inspo you need to keep moving. Check them out now!

Amanda Webb
@amandajanewebb @siyaflo

Emily Lee
@emmilylee @consciouscookieco

Orla Corrigan

Orla has one of those sweeping personalities that is wonderfully warm and unforgettable. We first shot back in the fall after we got in touch online and decided to collaborate! Orla is truly a traveler at heart, and I saw it come through as she let me drag her all around Vancouver and Burnaby to shoot at a pumpkin patch and other random locations that I had been dreaming of. She has a great attitude and made our first time easy peasy as we laughed and chatted about our lives! 


This summer, Orla reached out for another shoot, and knowing her adventurous soul, I knew she'd be open to trekking out to Whytecliff Park for some dope, scenic shots. She braved my new driving skills (or lack there of) and even patiently waited for me to wrap a mini shoot while we were on location. 


The world needs a lot more genuinely kind people like Orla. I've had the pleasure of seeing her around town at other various events and getting to know her has been a joy. Every time, she gets me laughing and opening up about life. I always look forward to our shoots and can't wait for (hopefully) more in the future! This one's got a heart of gold, y'all, and you should be following her if you aren't already!  

Orla's instagram is genuine, good fun. It's one of my fav accounts to follow, and you're missing out!

Union Swimwear

Collaboration over Competition.
I've been thinking about this phrase a lot lately. So much of my portfolio was built on the back of collaborations - of people taking a chance on me to capture their work, their spirits, and their love. As my business grows and collaborations slowly become a thing of the past, I decided to do select collaboration or TFP projects with companies, brands, and people I firmly believe in. Good karma goes far in this life, and I hope I never feel I am above a strong collaboration.

071118_UnionSwimwear-5 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-14 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-17 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-13 copy.jpg

Collaboration is exactly what this photoshoot was all about! An incredible group of women banded together and trotted down to Sunset Beach to shoot for Union Swimwear. We trampled all over the rocks, frolicked in the water, and basked in that sweet, sweet Vancouver sunshine. Amy, of Union Swimwear, provided the swimsuits and cozies, Alexandra brought the accessories, and Cassandra and Jaime graciously appeared on camera.

071118_UnionSwimwear-27 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-33 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-55 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-101 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-72 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-79 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-109 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-121 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-132 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-146 copy.jpg

There are some photoshoot where you just feel it's going right, and this was one of them! All of the women were so supportive of each other and Cass + Jaime were more than willing to try anything! It was such a lovely summer evening. 

071118_UnionSwimwear-151 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-157 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-155 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-153 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-160 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-163 copy.jpg

I gotta say it - if you're looking for a BANGIN' one piece, look no further. I've been sporting my Union swimsuits all summer (I have the low back tan to prove it) and I can't say enough about it! It's comfy, stylin', and you feel secure to do any beach activity in it! Plus, Amy is AMAAAAZING and deserves all the support in the world! 

This photoshoot brought together an amazing group of women.
Follow their amazing work!

Union Swimwear
Styled by Alexandra
Jaime Peterson

Madina Lolaeva I

Madina and I first met for coffee downtown and I instantly felt great vibes from her. She shared her vision for her new fashion instagram account and aspirations for a new business. From that first day, I wish I had my camera with me to capture her killer outfit! 

Since then, we've been working together consistently to create a specific feel and look for her instagram. She always comes to shoots prepared to the 9s with unique outfits, every accessory picked out, and a stunning range of hats that leave me droooooooling. 


Our first shoot had a strong urban flare - focussing on fashionable streetwear clothing that any Vancouverite can sport in the fall or early spring. Luckily, downtown is infamous for having such variety in backgrounds, all within walking distance!


With spring in full swing, Madina took me to this dope overpass that I've seen around in other photographs and showed how one outfit can transition to two different looks so easily!


Madina and I have a lot coming down the pipes for y'all and I'm so excited to continue to work with someone so sweet and who inspires my fashion game. Maybe next time I can convince her to help me go shopping!

Madina's Instagram is full of killaaaaa outfits! Follow her now!