Workshop Wednesdays: Summer Workshops

Are you annoyed yet with how much I talk about Workshop Wednesdays?
Well, too bad, ‘cause they ain’t goin’ nowhere, and I ain’t gonna stop lovin’ em!!!

Crissy prepared a dope line up workshops for the summer and really embody summertime vibes. Though we love the cozy atmosphere of Moja in North Vancouver we ventured to Crissy’s backyard for some outdoor fun in the summer heat!

Weaving with Bruno + Delilah

Summer workshops started with weaving, a feat I didn’t think could happen without a loom, but these ladies proved me wrong! Everyone made the most adorable circle weavings that had me so, so jelly!

062118_WW_Weaving-6 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-2 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-5 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-13 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-14 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-51 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-47 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-25 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-63 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-77 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-86 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-87 copy.jpg

Chalkboard Lettering with Lettered with Love

Led by one of the masterminds behind the ahhhmazing work at bespoke decor, Nas walked everyone through how to letter like a goddess! It was super cool watching everyone develop their own styles and go home with their own chalkboards. Pro tip - you can sharpen chalk with a pencil sharpening. Yeah, I know, GAME CHANGER.

072618_WW_Chalk-1 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-15 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-36 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-44 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-48 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-69 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-61 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-81 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-82 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-103 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-104 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-124 copy.jpg

Watercolour with Citrushues

This one had me really in awe. One of the reasons I got into photography is because I can’t paint or draw for crap, but watching these brave humans give it a go in front of people they don’t know was so amazing. Plus, check in their INSANELY amazing results!

082818_WW_Watercolour-3 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-5 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-2 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-6 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-9 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-14 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-19 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-24 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-61 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-22 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-25 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-36 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-69 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-66 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-59 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-71 copy.jpg

Bookbinding with Bittermelon Bindery

At some point during EVERY Workshop Wednesday I shoot, I think to myself “Damn, I wish I took this workshop!”. This time, I did it the ENTIRE time. The beautiful paper, the cool ass journal, the fact you made it yourself - oh my!

082918_WW_BookBinding-22 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-1 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-5 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-14 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-21 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-32 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-38 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-50 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-70 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-84 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-82 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-87 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-88 copy.jpg

Workshop Wednesdays are in no way just a summer thing.
Crissy has a lot lined up for the fall
Follow what’s coming at @workshopwednesdays.ca

Those cute lil’ weavings could be yours!

You can find Nas’ work on her instagram

Add some colour to your insta feed with Parveen’s watercolours

Grab custom made journals from Chanel

Workshop Wednesdays: Rope Baskets

You've heard it a million times before, and you better get used to it - I. LOVE. WORKSHOP. WEDNESDAYS. I look forward to shooting this event every month - to be in a beautiful community, to learn different crafts through osmosis, and to meet fellow small business owners. The days are getting longer which means more light and ways to play with capturing this event!

This episode brings a double dose of creating rope vessels! Brittany graced us with her talent and skill, teaching us how to make baskets from the biggest spool of rope I've ever seen. Due to limited space and the seemingly impossible task of having enough sewing machines for everyone in the workshop, there were few seats, but because of high demand - why not run it twice? 

032118_RopeBaskets-8 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-12 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-25 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-42 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-49 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-74 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-92 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-119 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-126 copy.jpg

I love that though given the same materials and task, every person creates something that is uniquely theirs. Everyone's personality shined through their basket - whether it be through colourful pompoms, a minimalist aesthetic, or simple rectangles!

032118_RopeBaskets-123 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-9 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-31 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-47 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-48 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-66 copy.jpg

The biggest thing I learned from this experience is: sewing machines are fickle things. Though frustration could have prevailed, it was amazing to watch women help each other, share machines, and battle through the ups and downs. In the end, some may have walked away cursing sewing machines forever, but still had a great time laughing and creating. 

041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-84 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-88 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-92 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-93 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-96 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-97 copy.jpg

As always, big ups to the organization queen and sewing machine procurer of our generation, Crissy Tioseco, for running these workshops and keeping us all learning and growing. 

Jelly of these cute rope baskets?
Follow @motherofpearlhandmade to find out about more of her workshops and what stores carry her rope vessels!

Wanna join in on the fun?
Follow @workshopwednesdays.ca for monthly craft workshops and dope times!

Liberty Wine Merchants Events

One of my personal goals when I started doing photography full time was to find ways to donate my time and skills to worthwhile causes. Somewhere along the way, I partnered with Liberty Wines Merchant to photograph their wonderful charity events. Throughout the year, they hold tastings to benefit various organizations. 

050118_RoseRevival-3 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-4 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-11 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-17 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-19 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-35 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-28 copy.jpg


One of the first ones I captured was the Rose Revival event held at Bridges Restaurant in Granville Island. Benefitting the BC Cancer Society, this one was close to my heart, plus, who doesn't love Rose?!

050118_RoseRevival-50 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-76 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-96 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-101 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-105 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-122 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-133 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-139 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-144 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-170 copy.jpg

Most recently, I captured their Champagne and Caviar event at the Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park. The bubbly was flowing and it was fun hearing all the champagne bottles poppin' in the room! 

060518_Champagne&Caviar-5 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-30 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-32 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-65 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-94 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-103 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-8 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-129 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-135 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-108 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-133 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-142 copy.jpg

Liberty Wine Merchants hold dope events like this throughout the year! Check out the schedule on their website

Workshop Wednesdays: Leather + Felt

Y'all already know how much I love Workshop Wednesdays! They're a monthly craft workshop in North Vancouver to celebrate local small businesses who want to share their craft with the world and crafty humans who want to learn more! Created by the ever cool, Crissy Tioseco, of Papercuts by Crissy, it embodies one of my fav podcast's motto: Chill Vibes Only. 

111718_WW_Leather-2 copy.jpg
111718_WW_Leather-5 copy.jpg

In the winter, Crissy invited Heidi of alwaysstitching to teach us all how to make our own personal little leather wallets. The whole process was fun to watch, especially since Crissy's pop join the crew and totally killed it! 

111718_WW_Leather-4 copy.jpg
111718_WW_Leather-9 copy.jpg
111718_WW_Leather-21 copy.jpg
111718_WW_Leather-35 copy.jpg
111718_WW_Leather-50 copy.jpg
111718_WW_Leather-77 copy.jpg
111718_WW_Leather-86 copy.jpg
111718_WW_Leather-113 copy.jpg
111718_WW_Leather-116 copy.jpg
111718_WW_Leather-118 copy.jpg

Next up, Workshop Wednesday featured Susanna of Oh Susanna Makes who creates felt botanical creations of all sorts. This is right up my alley, because if you ever see my office (or rather, if I ever manage to show it!) you'll see there's a literal plant graveyard of all the plants I've managed to kill over the years. These tiny cacti were adorable, and it was so cool to see everyone's personality pop in their own pots! 

022118_FeltWorkshop-17 copy.jpg
022118_FeltWorkshop-4 copy.jpg
022118_FeltWorkshop-62 copy.jpg
022118_FeltWorkshop-6 copy.jpg
022118_FeltWorkshop-21 copy.jpg
022118_FeltWorkshop-35 copy.jpg
022118_FeltWorkshop-81 copy.jpg
022118_FeltWorkshop-138 copy.jpg
022118_FeltWorkshop-159 copy.jpg
022118_FeltWorkshop-173 copy.jpg
022118_FeltWorkshope-2 copy.jpg

Workshop Wednesdays is still going hella strong, so come out and join us! The full line up for the summer is up and you can register now!

Workshop Wednesdays: Journaling + Cross Stitch

Ayy! Did you know that I loooove Workshop Wednesdays? Yeah, you might've heard. 

As spring turned up, Workshop Wednesday switched it up a little bit and held a journaling workshop. Led by Carolyn Fung, she talked us through the importance of journaling, the things that may prevent us from doing it more often, and some valuable writing exercises to get us going. The evening ended up being more therapeutic than I expected, but beautiful nonetheless. 

041118_WW_Journaling-1 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-13 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-16 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-17 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-20 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-27 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-32 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-44 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-46 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-58 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-78 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-85 copy.jpg

The next workshop had be EXCITED. Growing up, my lola was always cross stitching in her room, and some of her work is now hung in my home. I knew the basics of cross stitching, but for some reason, never took it up in my own life. As I watched everyone participate, my heart panged with nostalgia. I went home with a pattern of my own, and though it still sits in a drawer, untouched, I know it's an addiction waiting to happen! 

052318_WW_Crossstitching-1 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-3 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-10 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-56 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-58 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-19 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-20 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-33 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-63 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-75 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-91 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-92 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-99 copy.jpg

Crafting is so much more fun with others! The summer lineup at Workshop Wednesdays is KILLER. Check it out HERE!

Follow Carolyn's journey to spread the joy of journaling:

Wanna get into cross stitching too?
Check out the basic stitches instagram and etsy shop


Workshop Wednesdays: Macrame & Floral Centerpieces

Crafts + Wine + Friends ... what else do you need?

Crissy Tioseco, of Papecuts by Crissy fame, came up with the simple idea of creating monthly workshops to learn new crafty skills. A natural creative herself, she was always in search for ways to learn new skills but found them all to be a tad out of her budget, a little too much pressure, or not exactly what she was looking for. We all have that moment where we think to ourselves - if it isn't out there, I should just make it for myself! - but few of us actually go through with it. Crissy created Workshop Wednesdays for people, just like her, who were searching for a fun way to learn new things, sip on wine, and chat. 

It's been one of the projects I'm most prideful of being a part of since I jumped into freelance photography. I'm so happy that I've been able to shoot every single workshop so far (and DEVASTATED I'll miss my first one this month). I've watched this humble little workshop turn from a gathering of family and friends to the burgeoning bud of a real community. It's great seeing women from past workshops come together and check in with each other after a month. And yes, we love seeing men take part too! 

But, since I'm a slow poke when it comes to blogging, let's throw it back to the inaugural Workshop Wednesday!


The first workshop was with Charlene, the founder and bad-ass macrame queen of Fox and Flicker. The coffee shop was full of expertly chosen driftwood and rope of all different lengths. From the safe distance behind my lens, I stood in awe as rope was knotted, turned, and looped to become pieces of art. Once the first few knots were taught, everyone hit the ground running and created some beautiful pieces!  


The second Workshop Wednesday featured Nicole of Ever Red Fresh Designs. It was so exciting to see her bring in all the fresh flowers and little knick knacks that made the centerpieces just scream Christmas! Though everyone had access to the same flowers, it was amazing to see how each one looked vastly different and showed off everyone's personality! 

121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-10 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-8 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-7 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-21 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-23 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-32 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-60 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-36 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-79 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-99 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-119 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-123 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-129 copy.jpg

Workshop Wednesdays is still going strong, and eventually I will catch up on my insane backdraft of blog posts so that you can see what we've been up to. Dreaming of learning a new skill? Want to turn hump day into craft day? Come join us for an upcoming workshop, it's hella fun. As an introvert, I fully endorse this evening of fun, creativity, and connection. When Crissy first pitched Workshop Wednesdays to me, she kept describing it as "chill, chill, chill" and we've managed to keep that vibe alive and thriving! Come by & have fun, and you'll see me lurking in the corners capturing the magic we create.