Gabrio + Jenny | Caufeild Park

Gabrio and Jenny rolled up in the car with Jenny’s dress piled into her lap and a huge mirror propped up in the trunk. They were ready to take on Caufeild Park and we immediately ran out to the rocks. After rescheduling because of rain, the weather was more perfect than any of us could have asked for (other than some signature Vancouver August smoke) and jumped right into it. Though Gabrio and Jenny had never been photographed before, they were so natural and lovely in front of the camera. I love how the danced together in the water and shared stories of how they met.

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Nicole + Andrew

Sometimes, spring weather in Vancouver totally works out, and this day was definitely one of those days! Nicole, Andrew, and Steven trekked out to Whytecliffe Park in West Van for a day out on the rocky beach! I met Nicole as a trainer at a gym near my house a few months back, and I was so pleased when she got in touch for a mini engagement/family photo session! The day was full of smiles as Steven helped me keep Nicole + Andrew laughing and jumped in for a few great shots too! I am so excited to capture their wedding this summer and can't wait to be part of all the fun again! 

050518_Nicole+Andrew-1 copy.jpg
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Nicole is a dope trainer and is full of healthy eating inspo! Check out her instagram

Faye + Rory

I will forever jump at the chance to shoot my family. It is a special honour to get to photograph people you know, you don't have to spend time figuring out their story or their vibe - it's already ingrained in your mind, it's just about translating it through the lens. 




The last time I was in Calgary, my cousin and her hubby were also in town for California and we all jumped at the chance for a quick shoot around town. The shoot was about capturing their silly, sweet, and deep love, but also about capturing the city that my Ate Faye calls home. We drove around town looking for the best spots to get the skyline of Calgary, the notable landmarks, and to fit their style and aesthetic. 

As always, it was such a joy to shoot with them and we laughed all along the way. My cousin, Faye, is also killing the game with her Instagram all about fashion, food, DIY's and her sweet pup and hubby! Take a minute to check it out at @sofreshandsofaye, trust me - it's #goals. 

Ryan + Sonya

Calgary has always felt like home.
Getting off a plane and driving up Country Hills Blvd feels all too familiar. Certain neighbourhoods and streets are filled with vivid memories and I get incredibly defensive when anyone so much as badmouths Calgary (the city, of course, the hockey team is another matter). But, this day I saw a new side of Calgary. 


Ryan and Sonya had a list of killer locations they wanted to hit during their engagement shoot. They brought me to new areas of Calgary I had never seen before - from gorgeous views of the cityscape to tiny historic corners of jazz history. They were down for anything - even climbing all over a children's park. The result were a set of photos that I feel incredibly proud of. 


I could gush about the genuine love that these two humans have for each other, but I'll save that for their wedding blog post. Let me leave you with one of my favourite moments from this day together: Ryan excitedly pushing Sonya on a cart we found in the middle of ContainR. 

Paul & Laura

These two again? Yep!If this backdrop seems familiar, it's because you've seen it before! For Ashley and Tim's shoot, we struggled to find a good location, but Laura swooped in and saved the day by offering up her parent's backyard. The couple also jumped in for some impromptu photos. Their outfit change brought a beautiful surprise as Paul wore his Canadian Army uniform and Laura sported a gorgeous red dress. It didn't hurt that little Willow was the perfect model too!

This group of friends have truly opened their hearts to my lens and my friendship. Shooting Laura and Ashley candidly laugh and joke around was just as fun as the couples! As the season of summer shoots come to a close, I am reminded of how lucky I am to work with such incredible people. Photographing their lives at this point is exciting, but what brings the most excitement is knowing what will come!


With love, xx J

Tim & Ashley

No, Tim and Ashley aren't engaged. They are happy though - infectiously happy.I met Ashley through a friend and immediately we seemed to get along. Our love stories mirrored each other, almost to a T. The only difference is that my partner refuses to take photos with me until we get engaged! Tim and Ashley were kind enough to let me photograph them to beef up my portfolio. On the day of the shoot, I was nervous to shoot them because I had never met Tim and I didn't know how they would feel in front of a camera. They were naturals. They interacted so naturally in front of the camera and made my job easy. There's a reason why these two have made it this long in each other's arms, and why so many of us are waiting for the day of that special announcement.

xx Jana