Batter Up!

A summer isn't complete with a visit to Nat Bailey stadium!The details are lost to me - Who did the Canadians play? What was the score? Who won the game? What are the names of any of the players? - but it's all about the experience, right? This summer tradition is quickly becoming a favourite, especially since it really helps me have a benchmark while watching Lucy grow. She is still as lost as her Tita about the game itself, but this year she enjoyed the ballpark popcorn and somewhat attempted to stay in her seat. It was another simple family moment for the books!

This year, I got a brand new experience of Nat Bailey by going to a game for Scot's birthday! We were treated to a couple kids showing us up with their nae nae and some impressive rain clouds in the distance. It was awesome to experience the ball game in a new way with some of my best friends.


Until next summer, xx J