A Day at the Park with Lucianna

I struggle with the balance of photographing my life and being present.

I feel like there are certain moments in life that should be lived through my eyes rather than my lens. I put away my camera and engage with those around me, but those memories in between shots sometimes haunt me. The "should've could've" creeps in as I see the potential photos in my mind and fear that I will forget what happened.

As I took Lucianna for a day at the park, I wondered if this should be a moment between Tita and niece alone. I took my camera anyway, and captured a few moments of her fleeting childhood. It reminded me of the movie, Boyhood. Life is about the moments in between the milestones. I know I will always be there to photograph her big accomplishments, but it is just as important to capture the quiet times in between.

Here are a few photos of a day at the park with Lucianna - but her smile and laugh while I push her on the swing, that moment is reserved just for us.