Dear Squamish | Bouldering in Squamish

Dear Squamish,

I’ve heard a lot about you, more than I every thought I would. Dang, you are beautiful. I’ve always had a thing for greenery, but your greens glisten against the stark greys and feel like they go on forever until they touch the sky. For the longest time, you were just a book slammed into a lime green backpack and videos randomly sent to my inbox, but I’m glad we finally met.

072918_MartinMadeMeDoThis-2 copy.jpg
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072918_MartinMadeMeDoThis-62 copy.jpg

We’re really different, you and I. You are adventurous and grand, I am a natural homebody. You represent a kind of fun that I see no fun in, but we got along better than I expected. Maybe it was the great conversation and caffeine leading up to meeting you, or the warm spirits that welcomed me there, or, I hate to be vain, but it might have been your beauty. I knew I’d love capturing you, but it was more awe inspiring that I expected.

072918_MartinMadeMeDoThis-84 copy.jpg
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072918_MartinMadeMeDoThis-258 copy.jpg

Thank you for being a space for every emotion under the sun. For graciously giving us a playground amongst the trees for people to challenge themselves, struggle, and conquer you. I am grateful for the new experiences and the new friendships I’ve made. Meeting you helps me understand my friends so much more.

Until next time,

Many thanks to this crew of climbers who embraced me so whole heartedly and let me tag along on their adventures.