Richards Family

Families shoots are often hectic! 
They're sandwiched in between a million other commitments and kids get frustrated and over the whole experience before you know it. The Richards Family were incredible in that they designed their family shoot around the kids! We ventured off to Lynn Canyon early in the morning to run off steam and explore the creek and trails. It was a perfect way to mix posed shots with in the moment climbing and exploring! Check out the awesome result!

080818_RichardsFamily-3 copy.jpg
080818_RichardsFamily-9 copy.jpg
080818_RichardsFamily-13 copy.jpg
080818_RichardsFamily-20 copy.jpg
080818_RichardsFamily-30 copy.jpg
080818_RichardsFamily-31 copy.jpg
080818_RichardsFamily-27 copy.jpg
080818_RichardsFamily-64 copy.jpg
080818_RichardsFamily-47 copy.jpg
080818_RichardsFamily-61 copy.jpg
080818_RichardsFamily-80 copy.jpg
080818_RichardsFamily-83 copy.jpg
080818_RichardsFamily-95 copy.jpg
080818_RichardsFamily-97 copy.jpg