Liberty Wine Merchants Events

One of my personal goals when I started doing photography full time was to find ways to donate my time and skills to worthwhile causes. Somewhere along the way, I partnered with Liberty Wines Merchant to photograph their wonderful charity events. Throughout the year, they hold tastings to benefit various organizations. 

050118_RoseRevival-3 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-4 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-11 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-17 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-19 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-35 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-28 copy.jpg


One of the first ones I captured was the Rose Revival event held at Bridges Restaurant in Granville Island. Benefitting the BC Cancer Society, this one was close to my heart, plus, who doesn't love Rose?!

050118_RoseRevival-50 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-76 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-96 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-101 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-105 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-122 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-133 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-139 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-144 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-170 copy.jpg

Most recently, I captured their Champagne and Caviar event at the Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park. The bubbly was flowing and it was fun hearing all the champagne bottles poppin' in the room! 

060518_Champagne&Caviar-5 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-30 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-32 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-65 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-94 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-103 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-8 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-129 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-135 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-108 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-133 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-142 copy.jpg

Liberty Wine Merchants hold dope events like this throughout the year! Check out the schedule on their website