Union Swimwear

Collaboration over Competition.
I've been thinking about this phrase a lot lately. So much of my portfolio was built on the back of collaborations - of people taking a chance on me to capture their work, their spirits, and their love. As my business grows and collaborations slowly become a thing of the past, I decided to do select collaboration or TFP projects with companies, brands, and people I firmly believe in. Good karma goes far in this life, and I hope I never feel I am above a strong collaboration.

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Collaboration is exactly what this photoshoot was all about! An incredible group of women banded together and trotted down to Sunset Beach to shoot for Union Swimwear. We trampled all over the rocks, frolicked in the water, and basked in that sweet, sweet Vancouver sunshine. Amy, of Union Swimwear, provided the swimsuits and cozies, Alexandra brought the accessories, and Cassandra and Jaime graciously appeared on camera.

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There are some photoshoot where you just feel it's going right, and this was one of them! All of the women were so supportive of each other and Cass + Jaime were more than willing to try anything! It was such a lovely summer evening. 

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I gotta say it - if you're looking for a BANGIN' one piece, look no further. I've been sporting my Union swimsuits all summer (I have the low back tan to prove it) and I can't say enough about it! It's comfy, stylin', and you feel secure to do any beach activity in it! Plus, Amy is AMAAAAZING and deserves all the support in the world! 

This photoshoot brought together an amazing group of women.
Follow their amazing work!

Union Swimwear
Styled by Alexandra
Jaime Peterson