Workshop Wednesdays: Summer Workshops

Are you annoyed yet with how much I talk about Workshop Wednesdays?
Well, too bad, ‘cause they ain’t goin’ nowhere, and I ain’t gonna stop lovin’ em!!!

Crissy prepared a dope line up workshops for the summer and really embody summertime vibes. Though we love the cozy atmosphere of Moja in North Vancouver we ventured to Crissy’s backyard for some outdoor fun in the summer heat!

Weaving with Bruno + Delilah

Summer workshops started with weaving, a feat I didn’t think could happen without a loom, but these ladies proved me wrong! Everyone made the most adorable circle weavings that had me so, so jelly!

062118_WW_Weaving-6 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-2 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-5 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-13 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-14 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-51 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-47 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-25 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-63 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-77 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-86 copy.jpg
062118_WW_Weaving-87 copy.jpg

Chalkboard Lettering with Lettered with Love

Led by one of the masterminds behind the ahhhmazing work at bespoke decor, Nas walked everyone through how to letter like a goddess! It was super cool watching everyone develop their own styles and go home with their own chalkboards. Pro tip - you can sharpen chalk with a pencil sharpening. Yeah, I know, GAME CHANGER.

072618_WW_Chalk-1 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-15 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-36 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-44 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-48 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-69 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-61 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-81 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-82 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-103 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-104 copy.jpg
072618_WW_Chalk-124 copy.jpg

Watercolour with Citrushues

This one had me really in awe. One of the reasons I got into photography is because I can’t paint or draw for crap, but watching these brave humans give it a go in front of people they don’t know was so amazing. Plus, check in their INSANELY amazing results!

082818_WW_Watercolour-3 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-5 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-2 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-6 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-9 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-14 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-19 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-24 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-61 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-22 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-25 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-36 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-69 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-66 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-59 copy.jpg
082818_WW_Watercolour-71 copy.jpg

Bookbinding with Bittermelon Bindery

At some point during EVERY Workshop Wednesday I shoot, I think to myself “Damn, I wish I took this workshop!”. This time, I did it the ENTIRE time. The beautiful paper, the cool ass journal, the fact you made it yourself - oh my!

082918_WW_BookBinding-22 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-1 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-5 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-14 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-21 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-32 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-38 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-50 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-70 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-84 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-82 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-87 copy.jpg
082918_WW_BookBinding-88 copy.jpg

Workshop Wednesdays are in no way just a summer thing.
Crissy has a lot lined up for the fall
Follow what’s coming at

Those cute lil’ weavings could be yours!

You can find Nas’ work on her instagram

Add some colour to your insta feed with Parveen’s watercolours

Grab custom made journals from Chanel