Carolyn Fung

There are certain shoots that are just magic. 
All the stars align, the vibe feels right, and everything turns out exactly as I had in my mind's eye. That's how I felt about this shoot with Carolyn. 

061718_Carolyn-1 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-19 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-24 copy.jpg

We met at Workshop Wednesday, where she hosted an incredible journaling workshop, and I instantly was drawn to her spirit. We kept in touch and decided to do a branding shoot! Carolyn described that near the water was where she felt most like home, so we braved the Wreck beach stairs early in the morning to have the beach to ourselves. 

061718_Carolyn-2 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-30 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-36 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-41 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-46 copy.jpg

Armed with her beach wear, books, journals and pens, the images came together seamlessly. Carolyn was down for anything and even jumped into the ocean for me!

061718_Carolyn-50 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-54 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-55 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-65 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-85 copy.jpg

There are times where I struggle with the so what? of photography. When teaching, the reason behind what I did was so obvious, but days like this remind me of the power of photography. I walked away from this shoot feeling like I truly captured Carolyn's essence - a woman who sees the intricacies of life, who lives a life of creativity and art, and who is truly kind. I feel lucky to be trusted with her vision and I can't wait for y'all to see what she does with all the magic within her. 

I say it every darn time, but for real... Follow Carolyn's journey to spread the value and magic of journaling at @_pen_to_paper