Madina Lolaeva: Summer

You never quite know what Madina will pull out of her rolling suitcase, and this summer proved no different. Mixing solids, prints, crops, dresses, and skirts, Madina showed me what style can really do with the ever changing seasons of Vancouver. From street wear to beach days, she’s ready to go with any outfit that you can think of! Here are a few of my favourite snaps from this summer working with Madina!

061018_MainSt-5 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-9 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-17 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-21 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-24 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-30 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-47 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-57 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-67 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-83 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-87 copy.jpg
061018_MainSt-98 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-14 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-28 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-34 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-18 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-48 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-56 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-64 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-69 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-75 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-93 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-98 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-104 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-100 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-106 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-109 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-121 copy.jpg
070818_ML_WhiteRock-122 copy.jpg

Madina’s feed is the definition of cool. Check it out now!