Workshop Wednesdays: Journaling + Cross Stitch

Ayy! Did you know that I loooove Workshop Wednesdays? Yeah, you might've heard. 

As spring turned up, Workshop Wednesday switched it up a little bit and held a journaling workshop. Led by Carolyn Fung, she talked us through the importance of journaling, the things that may prevent us from doing it more often, and some valuable writing exercises to get us going. The evening ended up being more therapeutic than I expected, but beautiful nonetheless. 

041118_WW_Journaling-1 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-13 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-16 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-17 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-20 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-27 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-32 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-44 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-46 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-58 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-78 copy.jpg
041118_WW_Journaling-85 copy.jpg

The next workshop had be EXCITED. Growing up, my lola was always cross stitching in her room, and some of her work is now hung in my home. I knew the basics of cross stitching, but for some reason, never took it up in my own life. As I watched everyone participate, my heart panged with nostalgia. I went home with a pattern of my own, and though it still sits in a drawer, untouched, I know it's an addiction waiting to happen! 

052318_WW_Crossstitching-1 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-3 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-10 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-56 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-58 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-19 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-20 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-33 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-63 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-75 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-91 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-92 copy.jpg
052318_WW_Crossstitching-99 copy.jpg

Crafting is so much more fun with others! The summer lineup at Workshop Wednesdays is KILLER. Check it out HERE!

Follow Carolyn's journey to spread the joy of journaling:

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