Rebecca, Vienna, & Marley

Rebecca, Vienna, and Marley are the young female powerhouses behind the blog, basicbloggerss. They built their following with genuine posts about life as high school students and on the crux of friendship.

Upon meeting these ladies, it was quickly apparent that their friendship was as genuine as it seems online. They chatted away about their trips, the inside jokes were flowing, and they were in complete comfort in each other's presence. I was lucky enough that they all participated in my personal project (which is still in production and will be released in the fall!) and we combined it with a lifestyle session in one of my favourite places, Deer Lake. 


Working with these girls was a true pleasure! Rebecca, Vienna, and Marley radiated joy and kindness . They were down for any ideas and even dealt with my new driving skills. These gorgeous women graduated high school a few weeks ago and after hearing all about their plans to go to prom together and hearing descriptions of their gorgeous dresses, I felt to proud to see them graduate! They are lucky to have discovered at such a young age the power of female friendship, and I feel blessed to help capture it.

Just like the rest of us after high school, their futures are in flux. They will still be blogging, but have decided to go their individual ways with new accounts and blogs. Please check them out and follow their work - it is always full of positivity! I feel lucky to support young women who treat the world with such kindness and heart. 

Follow these wonderful women online!

Vienna : @basicbloggerss
Marley : @marley.justus
Rebecca : @rebecca.sophia