Yasmine Hardcastle

Yasmine and I met at a Christmas shoot (more on that later, probably in December!) and luckily, she kept me in mind for future projects! 

Our first shoot together was to capture her learning to create two cocktails at a Yaletown bar, The Distillery. I had never been to the bar before and I instantly fell in love with the vibe and atmosphere in the place! The dark walls, tall ceilings, and beautiful chandelier was the perfect setting for her blog post. She learned how to make two drinks - a Blood and Sand 2.0 and an Old Fashioned. I learned how intricate these recipes are and will never complain for how long a cocktail takes at a bar again! 


Yasmine was a natural behind the bar and handled each challenge with ease. You can read about her experience from her point of view and see the recipes for these yummy drinks on her blog post here


Our next adventure brought us to New Westminister. Vancouver was being her normal fickle self and presented us with a wet, scattered showers day, but Yasmine was still game and so was i! We took shelter under the container W and took some cool yoga shots using the umbrella and rain as our props! She used some of the shots on her blog on a post about conquering her debt.

040818_NewWestYoga-4 copy.jpg
040818_NewWestYoga-8 copy.jpg
040818_NewWestYoga-21 copy.jpg
040818_NewWestYoga-33 copy.jpg
040818_NewWestYoga-37 copy.jpg
040818_NewWestYoga-52 copy.jpg
040818_NewWestYoga-60 copy.jpg
040818_NewWestYoga-75 copy.jpg
040818_NewWestYoga-91 copy.jpg

I feel very lucky to have met women like Yasmine and to help be a part of their story. She is always thinking up of exciting and creative blog posts and activities in the Vancouver area and is truly a pleasure to photograph and chat with! 

040818_NewWestYoga-118 copy.jpg
040818_NewWestYoga-123 copy.jpg

You can find Yasmine on the internet on her blog (www.westcoastcitygirl.com) and Instagram (@westcoastcitygirl). Please go show her some love and check out her work!