There's absolutely no shortage of picturesque coffee shops in Vancouver - they're pretty much at every corner. But, few can serve as a one-stop shop for an entire headshot and lifestyle shoot! Dalina served as a perfect backdrop for Justyna's lifestyle photos. It encompassed everything she's about: healthy living, good food, light atmosphere, and good vibes. Justyna met me bright and early on a Sunday so that we could have the shop as much to ourselves as possible. Though it was foggy outside, inside it was perfect lighting and good fun!

120917_JustynaBranding-5 copy.jpg
120917_JustynaBranding-11 copy.jpg
120917_JustynaBranding-13 copy.jpg
120917_JustynaBranding-37 copy.jpg
120917_JustynaBranding-40 copy.jpg
120917_JustynaBranding-44 copy.jpg
120917_JustynaBranding-49 copy.jpg
120917_JustynaBranding-54 copy.jpg
120917_JustynaBranding-96 copy.jpg
120917_JustynaBranding-101 copy.jpg

Take a minute to check out Justyna's amazing blog: Thrive with the Seasons - she's got incredible food photos, recipes, and tips for a healthy life!