Martin Barclay

How do you define style?
It's a question I've asked myself many times in my life and it feels complex. I've come to realize that there are plenty of people who have style, but I just may not agree or see eye to eye with that style. But, you always gotta respect those people who have a define sense of style.

It's the first word that comes to mind when I think of Martin. The man's got style. & it's the kind of style that undeniable. You may not necessarily like his style (though I doubt many people feel this way), but you know he's got it. As I've gotten to know him, I've realized that his sense of style goes way deeper than the clothes too. 


Our first shoot was in the winter and Martin came in the most festive red blazer and dope bowtie I've ever seen! He let me drag him all around Gastown and to random rooftops to get the shots and it was an adventure. 

021618_MartinBarclay_MainSt-2 copy.jpg
021618_MartinBarclay_MainSt-14 copy.jpg
021618_MartinBarclay_MainSt-17 copy.jpg

In the spring, we went to Olympic village for some different scenery and colour scheme. As always, Martin had every detail of his outfits planned out from the tie clips to the lapel pins!

021618_MartinBarclay_MainSt-34 copy.jpg
021618_MartinBarclay_MainSt-48 copy.jpg
021618_MartinBarclay_MainSt-64 copy.jpg
060518_MainSt-6 copy.jpg
060518_MainSt-7 copy.jpg
060518_MainSt-12 copy.jpg

Our latest shoot brought us to Main Street, where Martin braved the scorching heat in full suits (and even a wool suit. You heard me, WOOL). We weaved through the alleys and streets to find perfect murals and backdrops to match his outfits to a tee. Capturing Martin invevitably means getting attention from people as we walk around. In the Vancouver style scene, his menswear stands out, and he handles it with grace and gratitude. During our shoot, one of my friends drove past us and texted me later saying "I knew you mustve been shooting because that guy you were with had insane style". Duh. 

060518_MainSt-23 copy.jpg
060518_MainSt-26 copy.jpg
060518_MainSt-54 copy.jpg
060518_MainSt-60 copy.jpg
060518_MainSt-64 copy.jpg
060518_MainSt-74 copy.jpg
060518_MainSt-77 copy.jpg
060518_MainSt-96 copy.jpg
060518_MainSt-106 copy.jpg
060518_MainSt-108 copy.jpg
060518_MainSt-113 copy.jpg

Working with Martin over the past few months has been a joy. He's always got a great attitude and ready to go explore different areas and ideas! His outfits, like I've said, over and over again, are KILLER. They exude a real sense of style that is innately within him. Martin is hilarious, kind, and full of great stories from a life well lived and y'all should be just as excited as I am to see what he's got down the pipes for the fashion world. 

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