Workshop Wednesdays: Macrame & Floral Centerpieces

Crafts + Wine + Friends ... what else do you need?

Crissy Tioseco, of Papecuts by Crissy fame, came up with the simple idea of creating monthly workshops to learn new crafty skills. A natural creative herself, she was always in search for ways to learn new skills but found them all to be a tad out of her budget, a little too much pressure, or not exactly what she was looking for. We all have that moment where we think to ourselves - if it isn't out there, I should just make it for myself! - but few of us actually go through with it. Crissy created Workshop Wednesdays for people, just like her, who were searching for a fun way to learn new things, sip on wine, and chat. 

It's been one of the projects I'm most prideful of being a part of since I jumped into freelance photography. I'm so happy that I've been able to shoot every single workshop so far (and DEVASTATED I'll miss my first one this month). I've watched this humble little workshop turn from a gathering of family and friends to the burgeoning bud of a real community. It's great seeing women from past workshops come together and check in with each other after a month. And yes, we love seeing men take part too! 

But, since I'm a slow poke when it comes to blogging, let's throw it back to the inaugural Workshop Wednesday!


The first workshop was with Charlene, the founder and bad-ass macrame queen of Fox and Flicker. The coffee shop was full of expertly chosen driftwood and rope of all different lengths. From the safe distance behind my lens, I stood in awe as rope was knotted, turned, and looped to become pieces of art. Once the first few knots were taught, everyone hit the ground running and created some beautiful pieces!  


The second Workshop Wednesday featured Nicole of Ever Red Fresh Designs. It was so exciting to see her bring in all the fresh flowers and little knick knacks that made the centerpieces just scream Christmas! Though everyone had access to the same flowers, it was amazing to see how each one looked vastly different and showed off everyone's personality! 

121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-10 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-8 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-7 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-21 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-23 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-32 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-60 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-36 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-79 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-99 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-119 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-123 copy.jpg
121317_WW_XmasCenterpieces-129 copy.jpg

Workshop Wednesdays is still going strong, and eventually I will catch up on my insane backdraft of blog posts so that you can see what we've been up to. Dreaming of learning a new skill? Want to turn hump day into craft day? Come join us for an upcoming workshop, it's hella fun. As an introvert, I fully endorse this evening of fun, creativity, and connection. When Crissy first pitched Workshop Wednesdays to me, she kept describing it as "chill, chill, chill" and we've managed to keep that vibe alive and thriving! Come by & have fun, and you'll see me lurking in the corners capturing the magic we create.