3 x 25

Twenty five feels like a milestone. There's nothing to really warrant that feeling other than it's a pretty round number. We get no added rights or privileges, other than that impeding feeling of adulthood rearing its ugly head. Nevertheless, as someone who firmly believes in the importance of birthdays, I knew that I would have to step my game up for the big 2-5.

This round of birthdays started with Thomas - who is the Dowager Countess of Grantham to my Lady Isobel Crawley. Though he requested a simple quiet night in, his ladies couldn't help but throw him the ultimate party. The theme, you ask? Thomas' ladies, of course! My apartment was filled with printed faces of all the women that inspire and excite him! Along with obnoxious balloons and streamers, we made it come alive. Plus, even Hillary was at the party!

The next special birthday belonged to my sister, my cradle to grave lady, Rea-Mae! Her request, again, was simple - let's go have a spa day! After a hectic spring at work, I was excited as any to experience a spa in Vancouver. We surprised her with a quick brunch at Tuc and macaroons, cake, and mimosas after our service. The day was perfection with the sun beaming on us as we snacked on the spa patio!

Lastly, the simplest of all - my dear friend Laryn requested a walk around Stanley Park. Of course, I couldn't do this without toting my camera around my neck! We chatted about life, summer plans, and the future as we became tourists in our own city. Then, topped it off with a brunch in Kits! Only the best friendships can have such a easy going day and simply enjoy each other's company.