Union Swimwear

Collaboration over Competition.
I've been thinking about this phrase a lot lately. So much of my portfolio was built on the back of collaborations - of people taking a chance on me to capture their work, their spirits, and their love. As my business grows and collaborations slowly become a thing of the past, I decided to do select collaboration or TFP projects with companies, brands, and people I firmly believe in. Good karma goes far in this life, and I hope I never feel I am above a strong collaboration.

071118_UnionSwimwear-5 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-14 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-17 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-13 copy.jpg

Collaboration is exactly what this photoshoot was all about! An incredible group of women banded together and trotted down to Sunset Beach to shoot for Union Swimwear. We trampled all over the rocks, frolicked in the water, and basked in that sweet, sweet Vancouver sunshine. Amy, of Union Swimwear, provided the swimsuits and cozies, Alexandra brought the accessories, and Cassandra and Jaime graciously appeared on camera.

071118_UnionSwimwear-27 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-33 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-55 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-101 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-72 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-79 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-109 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-121 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-132 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-146 copy.jpg

There are some photoshoot where you just feel it's going right, and this was one of them! All of the women were so supportive of each other and Cass + Jaime were more than willing to try anything! It was such a lovely summer evening. 

071118_UnionSwimwear-151 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-157 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-155 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-153 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-160 copy.jpg
071118_UnionSwimwear-163 copy.jpg

I gotta say it - if you're looking for a BANGIN' one piece, look no further. I've been sporting my Union swimsuits all summer (I have the low back tan to prove it) and I can't say enough about it! It's comfy, stylin', and you feel secure to do any beach activity in it! Plus, Amy is AMAAAAZING and deserves all the support in the world! 

This photoshoot brought together an amazing group of women.
Follow their amazing work!

Union Swimwear
Styled by Alexandra
Jaime Peterson

Paolo + Jess

If you know me, you know I cry - a lot. It's the only way my body knows how to process any emotion I may be feeling too strongly. I cry when I'm too happy, too sad, very angry, overwhelmed, and a whole smorgasbord in between.

Everything about this set has made me cry - a lot. I cried when they called and asked me to capture their wedding. I cried the night before the big day. I cried moments before the first look and teared up during the ceremony. I cried (twice) while editing their set, and I'm crying right now. These tears are a testament to these incredible humans, to the love I see in the photos of this day and to the love I feel for them.

Meet Paolo and Jess.
Paolo is one of the many cousins I have on my dad's side of the family. He is a person who knows how to make me laugh and has always checked in on my life over the years. Evidently, I met Jess through Paolo, but I knew right away it was going to work because she sholuldered the Josue jokes like a champ. Together, they make Jesslo, and they are a god damn beauty!

PaoloJess2018_Prep-24 copy.jpg
PaoloJess2018_Prep-102 copy.jpg
PaoloJess2018_Prep-89 copy.jpg
PaoloJess2018_Prep-15 copy.jpg

Paolo and Jess got married on the beaches of Mexico - a beautiful location and a throwback to how they first met. It's no surprise to me that over 50 people showed up to their destination wedding and the week was filled with some of the craziest stories, too many fish tacos, and a few sun burns. The day started with champagne in both rooms and both groomsmen and bridesmaids full of energy and raring to go! 

PaoloJess2018_Prep-41 copy.jpg
PaoloJess2018_Prep-49 copy.jpg
PaoloJess2018_Prep-45 copy.jpg
PaoloJess2018_Prep-93 copy.jpg
PaoloJess2018_Prep-105 copy.jpg
P&J_FirstLook-6 copy.jpg
P&J_FirstLook-9 copy.jpg
P&J_FirstLook-21 copy.jpg
P&J_FirstLook-29 copy.jpg

The first look happened just outside of the bride's room and was filled with emotional and excitement. Out of it came one of my favourites sets of photos as Paolo and Jess turned around to a balcony exploding with elations with their closes friends and family. 

P&J_FirstLook-22 copy.jpg
P&J_WeddingPartyPortraits-7 copy.jpg
P&J_WeddingPartyPortraits-59 copy.jpg
P&J_WeddingPartyPortraits-67 copy.jpg
P&J_WeddingPartyPortraits-75 copy.jpg
P&J_WeddingPartyPortraits-85 copy.jpg
P&J_WeddingPartyPortraits-90 copy.jpg
P&J_WeddingPartyPortraits-103 copy.jpg
P&J_WeddingPartyPortraits-117 copy.jpg
P&J_WeddingPartyPortraits-118 copy.jpg
P&J_WeddingPartyPortraits-150 copy.jpg
P&J_WeddingPartyPortraits-165 copy.jpg
P&J_WeddingPartyPortraits-172 copy.jpg
P&J_WeddingPartyPortraits-176 copy.jpg

We braved the incredible heat and ventured throughout the resort and the beaches to capture the fun of this bridal party before the ceremony and reception on the beach. 

P&J_Ceremony-104 copy.jpg
P&J_Ceremony-16 copy.jpg
P&J_Ceremony-40 copy.jpg
P&J_Ceremony-43 copy.jpg
P&J_Ceremony-46 copy.jpg
P&J_Ceremony-47 copy.jpg
P&J_Ceremony-48 copy.jpg
P&J_Ceremony-61 copy.jpg

Officiated by our cousin, Eve, Paolo and Jess were married on the sand, by the water, and under the beautiful sun. Their ceremony was personal, sweet, and filled with love. 

P&J_Ceremony-62 copy.jpg
P&J_Ceremony-82 copy.jpg
P&J_Ceremony-124 copy.jpg
P&J_FormalPortraits-1 copy.jpg
P&J_FormalPortraits-9 copy.jpg
P&J_FormalPortraits-30 copy.jpg
P&J_FormalPortraits-34 copy.jpg
P&J_FormalPortraits-38 copy.jpg
P&J_FormalPortraits-45 copy.jpg
P&J_FormalPortraits-42 copy.jpg
P&J_FormalPortraits-54 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-1 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-40 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-48 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-52 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-55 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-65 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-89 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-91 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-80 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-111 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-112 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-113 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-132 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-135 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-147 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-152 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-171 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-191 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-219 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-227 copy.jpg

The day capped off with hilarious speeches, sweet sentiments, and so. much. dancing. 

P&J_Reception-278 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-317 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-301 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-350 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-379 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-380 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-431 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-445 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-446 copy.jpg
P&J_Reception-458 copy.jpg

Capturing Paolo and Jess' wedding will definitely stand out in my mind as a highlight of 2018. It meant so much to be a part of their day and to safeguard their memories. The photos say it all - they're filled with love, laughter, and so much fun. 

Madina Lolaeva I

Madina and I first met for coffee downtown and I instantly felt great vibes from her. She shared her vision for her new fashion instagram account and aspirations for a new business. From that first day, I wish I had my camera with me to capture her killer outfit! 

Since then, we've been working together consistently to create a specific feel and look for her instagram. She always comes to shoots prepared to the 9s with unique outfits, every accessory picked out, and a stunning range of hats that leave me droooooooling. 


Our first shoot had a strong urban flare - focussing on fashionable streetwear clothing that any Vancouverite can sport in the fall or early spring. Luckily, downtown is infamous for having such variety in backgrounds, all within walking distance!


With spring in full swing, Madina took me to this dope overpass that I've seen around in other photographs and showed how one outfit can transition to two different looks so easily!


Madina and I have a lot coming down the pipes for y'all and I'm so excited to continue to work with someone so sweet and who inspires my fashion game. Maybe next time I can convince her to help me go shopping!

Madina's Instagram is full of killaaaaa outfits! Follow her now!

Workshop Wednesdays: Rope Baskets

You've heard it a million times before, and you better get used to it - I. LOVE. WORKSHOP. WEDNESDAYS. I look forward to shooting this event every month - to be in a beautiful community, to learn different crafts through osmosis, and to meet fellow small business owners. The days are getting longer which means more light and ways to play with capturing this event!

This episode brings a double dose of creating rope vessels! Brittany graced us with her talent and skill, teaching us how to make baskets from the biggest spool of rope I've ever seen. Due to limited space and the seemingly impossible task of having enough sewing machines for everyone in the workshop, there were few seats, but because of high demand - why not run it twice? 

032118_RopeBaskets-8 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-12 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-25 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-42 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-49 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-74 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-92 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-119 copy.jpg
032118_RopeBaskets-126 copy.jpg

I love that though given the same materials and task, every person creates something that is uniquely theirs. Everyone's personality shined through their basket - whether it be through colourful pompoms, a minimalist aesthetic, or simple rectangles!

032118_RopeBaskets-123 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-9 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-31 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-47 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-48 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-66 copy.jpg

The biggest thing I learned from this experience is: sewing machines are fickle things. Though frustration could have prevailed, it was amazing to watch women help each other, share machines, and battle through the ups and downs. In the end, some may have walked away cursing sewing machines forever, but still had a great time laughing and creating. 

041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-84 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-88 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-92 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-93 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-96 copy.jpg
041818_WW_RopeBasketsII-97 copy.jpg

As always, big ups to the organization queen and sewing machine procurer of our generation, Crissy Tioseco, for running these workshops and keeping us all learning and growing. 

Jelly of these cute rope baskets?
Follow @motherofpearlhandmade to find out about more of her workshops and what stores carry her rope vessels!

Wanna join in on the fun?
Follow @workshopwednesdays.ca for monthly craft workshops and dope times!

Carolyn Fung

There are certain shoots that are just magic. 
All the stars align, the vibe feels right, and everything turns out exactly as I had in my mind's eye. That's how I felt about this shoot with Carolyn. 

061718_Carolyn-1 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-19 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-24 copy.jpg

We met at Workshop Wednesday, where she hosted an incredible journaling workshop, and I instantly was drawn to her spirit. We kept in touch and decided to do a branding shoot! Carolyn described that near the water was where she felt most like home, so we braved the Wreck beach stairs early in the morning to have the beach to ourselves. 

061718_Carolyn-2 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-30 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-36 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-41 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-46 copy.jpg

Armed with her beach wear, books, journals and pens, the images came together seamlessly. Carolyn was down for anything and even jumped into the ocean for me!

061718_Carolyn-50 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-54 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-55 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-65 copy.jpg
061718_Carolyn-85 copy.jpg

There are times where I struggle with the so what? of photography. When teaching, the reason behind what I did was so obvious, but days like this remind me of the power of photography. I walked away from this shoot feeling like I truly captured Carolyn's essence - a woman who sees the intricacies of life, who lives a life of creativity and art, and who is truly kind. I feel lucky to be trusted with her vision and I can't wait for y'all to see what she does with all the magic within her. 

I say it every darn time, but for real... Follow Carolyn's journey to spread the value and magic of journaling at @_pen_to_paper

Liberty Wine Merchants Events

One of my personal goals when I started doing photography full time was to find ways to donate my time and skills to worthwhile causes. Somewhere along the way, I partnered with Liberty Wines Merchant to photograph their wonderful charity events. Throughout the year, they hold tastings to benefit various organizations. 

050118_RoseRevival-3 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-4 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-11 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-17 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-19 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-35 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-28 copy.jpg


One of the first ones I captured was the Rose Revival event held at Bridges Restaurant in Granville Island. Benefitting the BC Cancer Society, this one was close to my heart, plus, who doesn't love Rose?!

050118_RoseRevival-50 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-76 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-96 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-101 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-105 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-122 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-133 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-139 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-144 copy.jpg
050118_RoseRevival-170 copy.jpg

Most recently, I captured their Champagne and Caviar event at the Vancouver Rowing Club in Stanley Park. The bubbly was flowing and it was fun hearing all the champagne bottles poppin' in the room! 

060518_Champagne&Caviar-5 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-30 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-32 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-65 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-94 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-103 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-8 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-129 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-135 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-108 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-133 copy.jpg
060518_Champagne&Caviar-142 copy.jpg

Liberty Wine Merchants hold dope events like this throughout the year! Check out the schedule on their website